Are You Awake?

Parents, especially on school days, ask their children are you awake? to rouse them early in the morning to get them up for school. The children should return the favor and ask the parent, Are YOU Awake?

Adults do so many rut things strictly out of habit, automatically doing the same thing without thought. That’s okay, right. But, what a probing question it is to ask yourself every morning, Are you awake?

“Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.” — Spanish Proverb

Wake up mind. Say: Mind, are you awake? Really, how awake is your mind? Are you alert, inquisitive, prepared, or are you sleepy and robotic when you start your morning?

Wake up your mind by going into quiet meditation, tagging mental exercises such as puzzles, making a task list, singing, or by physical action activities. Un-dull your senses, wake up mind.

Wake up body. Give your body a wake up call too. I had the chance to go out to Senior Citizen dance night at the mall near where I live. It was a joy to see elderly couples doing the swing or ballroom dances at their geriatric age.

Give your body an awakening jolt by being active. Dance, zumba, play bridge, lobby a few tennis balls, walk or job. Work up a sweat-wake up your body.

Wake up heart. Wake up your heart. Open yourself up to caring about yourself and others. Stimulate your emotional heart by saying loving words. Be positive, energetic, sincere as you awaken others to your peaceful heart.

Wake up life. Wake your senses. Live from all five-seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching. Discover what a sensory world we live in and play each waking moment as a “present” pre-sent just for you.

Singer, philanthropist, activist – John Legend has remixed “Wake Up Everybody” to remind us all that the “world won’t get any better if we just wait and see…we gotta change it…just you and me.”

Wake Up Everybody
Wake up everybody. It’s time to start a new day.
Be alive, be present, be awake!

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