I am a Toastmaster

You may not esteem the value of my title declaration, I am a Toastmaster, unless

  1. you are either a member or previous member of Toastmasters International,
  2. know a Toastmaster or
  3. have a phobia about speaking in front of audience

I am a Toastmaster. More specifically, I am a proud member of Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters Club (www.dawnbreakerstm.com) in Decatur, GA. This Club hosted its Sweet 16th Annual Awards Banquet this past Saturday and it was stupendously spectacular.

The featured speaker was Mark L. Brown, World Champion Speaker 1995. He was introduced by Dwayne G. Smith, World Champion Speaker 2002 (a member of Dawn-Breakers) and the emcee for the Banquet was Theresa Spralling, immediate past District 14 Governor. Roy Ganga, current District 14 (Georgia) Governor attended and awarded three DTM ribbons and plaques to the newly installed DTM’s of the Club. Now Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters has 14 DTM members. Awesome!

Mark L. Brown told us all to be a star – one who Starts, has Tenacity, carries a positive, unstoppable Attitude, who Reaches up to stretch to achieve more and reaches down to pull up someone below. He spoke with such eloquence and excellence as he delivered a spirit-filled powerful inspiring message of new starts and change that was just what the audience needed.   Mark Brown is a star!

Al Wiseman, DTM gave a hilarious roast of member Les Young during the banquet. Al is the author of Finding the Funny (www.alfredwiseman.com). You will soon see video clips of Al Wiseman’s clean, family humor online. In fact, I will attend this next speech event at Northlake Toastmasters Club on Wednesday, 15 December at 6PM.  Find your funny and laugh out loud!

Toastmasters is about speaking yes. But you also learn how to listen and lead.

Join Toastmasters this year to fast-forward your achievement table in 2011, be a part of self-change.

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