Clear Your Fear

Learn How to Face Your Fears (from the book Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!)

This exercise is designed to give you pause time to stop and objectively evaluate your fears. Be honest, the outcome depends on it. Repeat often until it becomes a first response habit.


1.       Identify three of your greatest fears. Write them down

A.      ________________________________________


B.      ________________________________________


C.       ________________________________________


2.       Acknowledge each fear; say each one out loud using I am statements. (Example: I am afraid of ……….) For each fear write: Is it real or imagined. Be honest.


Fear A:     ___________________________


Fear B:    ___________________________


Fear C:    ___________________________


3.       Educate yourself about each one. Re-write your script using I statements. (Example: I will control my response to singing in public by taking voice lessons)








4.       Write three affirmations you will use to overcome fear













5.        Set a deadline to gradually eliminate/minimize each fear; i.e., public speaking, for example, until you conquer it.











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