Take the Risk

LeBron James, Mr. Millennium Basketball Star, is having a ball (pun intended) with his current team the Miami Heat as he led them to an overtime win against the Chicago Bulls last night. Many folks ride LeBron’s back saying he has no loyalty, but I assert that he had a mission – to win a championship – that moved him to take a pay cut and cut his ties to the Cleveland Cavilers. It looks like he was right, Cleveland is not in the playoffs.

This post is less about the playoffs and most about the mindset of a risk-taker.

I suspect that LeBron James knew challenges would come as he learned to gel with his new team his first year in Miami, but he risked it and left the Cleveland Cavilers with a smile. That’s what risk-takers do.  They understand that they will confront challenges, but take the risk with a sense of joy and move on.
Complacency has its value, but taking a risk can propel you into new heights of satisfaction and growth. Make your own risk equation prior to making big decisions.

Here is how to Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Success:
1. Identify the Risk
2. Write the Risk down in the form of an “IF” question. For example – If I decide to write a book, what are my risks?
3. Take a sheet of blank paper and divide into two columns: Benefits and Detriments
4. List everything you can freeform think of. Do not second guess, just build your list in both categories…..write, write, write
5. Examine your list with an objective party. Try to select someone or two or three people who will offer constructive feedback. Someone who will probe beyond the obvious. Someone who will be tough and confident enough to buff out the true gains and risks.
6. Last, Set the list aside after you have completed Step 5. Mediate, mentally massage what you know. Think and process.

Then, decide your best course of action.

Don’t ignore risks, but more importantly don’t overlook benefits.
You are capable of making an informed decision…just do it aware of risks and benefits.


Miracle Monday

I ask you to join me in creating intentional Monday miracles.

Everyday contains opportunities, some call them miracles, thus I have decided to concentrate on Monday miracles since it is an active means of attracting miraculous new bounties.

Here is the suggested process:

1. Wake up (regardless of the time of the day) and meditate. Wake up and feel alive. Take 10 minutes. Really get down deep into your internal awareness and meditate on what you want. Recommendation: CD: Meditation-Be Still by Barbara Faison (www.barbarafaison.com)
2. Come clean. Really clean up any lingering mess. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and disallow negativity.  Then take the time to refresh your inner happiness; tap into your passion and enjoy the moments where you were /are funny, joyful, spiritually uplifted, attuned, in your natural zone of expression.
3. Quiet down. Take a few minutes on Mondays to quiet external noise and allow yourself to experience sobering peace.  Just be.  No problems, no deadlines, no needs. Just rest your active mind. Be at peace.
4. Clear Your Focus. Clearly, vividly, expressly focus on ONE thing and only ONE thing every Monday. The next Monday you may choose to shift your focus to another thing or you may remain focused on what miracle you want to manifest.
5. See the end. See your finish point. Be in the scenery and experience all of the emotions and expressions that accompany embracing your Monday Miracle.

This process may require some practice for those who are beginning to Manifest on Mondays, but in a short time, with direct commitment, you will accelerate through these steps with ease and purpose.

Begin today…right now.
Manifest your Monday right now and let us know the result….

Be well, be clear, and expect miracles. You are a miracle.

Friday Funnies

Finding the funny in your life adds joy and inner happiness when you can just have a deep belly laugh.

So Fridays are devoted to laughing deep.

During a recent meeting of our Optimist Club, we challenged one another to come up with an inspirational sentence using the word countenance. This was the winning entry: “I put a cheerful countenance on people every day.” It was submitted by our local funeral director.

(Reprinted from readersdigest.com)

Miracle Monday

Step by step – paralyzed engineering student Austin Whitney who, with the help of a robotic exoskeleton, was able to leave his wheelchair behind and walk the stage for his college graduation.

Austin Whitney made history as he walked the graduation stage to hug the president of University of California at Berkley as he received his diploma yesterday. The euphoria and will-minded determination was so palatable that he and the engineering department who created the exoskeleton which made this miraculous feat possible deserve another day of applause.
One more clap for determination. One more clap for brilliance. One more clap for ingenuity.
Make this Monday your Monday miracle.
Please share your Monday Miracle story with me. Send a comment or post.
Expect a miracle-something good is going to happen today.

Bliss Equals Joy!

I just found two websites, serendipitously, while researching  inner happiness for an article I am writing, and just had to share them with you:


Go to these websites and use the interactive compass tool to rate your level of bliss. I did it and my results affirmed my inner “bliss” but clued me in to an unclear professional “bliss” whenever I spun the wheel while concentrating on my work. I pledge to work on that until my bliss is congruent both inner and professionally.

Try the Follow Your Bliss compass for yourself.  Tune in to the  message of blissology – a path of interconnectedness and love.

The stream of consciousness connected with “follow your bliss,” writes author and lecturer Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, can be startling or affirming. Take the time to “identify your bliss and honor it,” advises bliss compass author Craig Conley.

Let me know how this worked for you.
Let’s honor our bliss together.

Be in bliss.  Be joy.  Be happy.

All Year Resolutions

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All Year Resolutions have nothing to do with chronological time, but everything to do with living in the present.


Forget the calendar for a moment. Instead think with me about a span of time, that you get to choose, and make a strong resolution to change one thing in your life. You may decide that today, right now, is your best moment – and you are right! Or, you may select another time of the day or even another day – and you are right then too!  Whatever time you make a focused resolution to made a change in your life is the right time.

Oftentimes, especially at the close of one year and the beginning of the new year, frantic energy is concentrated upon making changes such as loosing weight, finding a new love, getting a better job, or acquiring material things. We design dream boards, make pledges, write new year resolutions, and join a gym and then by May guilt sets in because our resolve to complete the major resolutions faltered.

I suggest that you make all year resolutions which you set up with specific time frames and specific one goal focus. For example, you may decide on Ma 20th to begin reading one book on goal setting for one week. So, your resolution time frame for this goal is May 20-27th.

Next you may decide to exercise more. Thus, you may decide that your start date is April 21st, the start of a new season and you may choose to close out this goal on November 21st as another example. Your all year resolution in this case would be to start exercising more on April 21 through November 21.

You get the gist. The power point here is that you:
1. Control the time frame rather than be controlled by social standard
2. Fix a definite goal
3. Establish a defined time-line to begin and end your resolution
4. Begin and start your resolution activity as planned

A fifth power point is to write your goal and time frame down. Henriette Klausser in Write it Down and Make it Happen, posits that writing down your resolution goal and time frame is the single most important step to internalizing and achieving your goal.

Inculcate your resolution. Make it yours. Own it and the time frame in which you pledge to begin and stop that particular resolution and begin your all year resolutions any time you recognize its your time to change, do something different, and alter your attraction so that you complete in phased steps your intention.

Resolve. Realign. Respond. Rewrite. Results.

Build your success, one resolution – sorted out by you all year – at a time.