Take the Risk

LeBron James, Mr. Millennium Basketball Star, is having a ball (pun intended) with his current team the Miami Heat as he led them to an overtime win against the Chicago Bulls last night. Many folks ride LeBron’s back saying he has no loyalty, but I assert that he had a mission – to win a championship – that moved him to take a pay cut and cut his ties to the Cleveland Cavilers. It looks like he was right, Cleveland is not in the playoffs.

This post is less about the playoffs and most about the mindset of a risk-taker.

I suspect that LeBron James knew challenges would come as he learned to gel with his new team his first year in Miami, but he risked it and left the Cleveland Cavilers with a smile. That’s what risk-takers do.  They understand that they will confront challenges, but take the risk with a sense of joy and move on.
Complacency has its value, but taking a risk can propel you into new heights of satisfaction and growth. Make your own risk equation prior to making big decisions.

Here is how to Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Success:
1. Identify the Risk
2. Write the Risk down in the form of an “IF” question. For example – If I decide to write a book, what are my risks?
3. Take a sheet of blank paper and divide into two columns: Benefits and Detriments
4. List everything you can freeform think of. Do not second guess, just build your list in both categories…..write, write, write
5. Examine your list with an objective party. Try to select someone or two or three people who will offer constructive feedback. Someone who will probe beyond the obvious. Someone who will be tough and confident enough to buff out the true gains and risks.
6. Last, Set the list aside after you have completed Step 5. Mediate, mentally massage what you know. Think and process.

Then, decide your best course of action.

Don’t ignore risks, but more importantly don’t overlook benefits.
You are capable of making an informed decision…just do it aware of risks and benefits.


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