Miracle Monday

Sometimes you experience moments that have a longer residual timeline than others and those I call “time treasures” that contribute to  making Miracles. All experienced moments have residual value, but some impress your soul longer than others> Pay attention to the imprint of each experience, especially pay attention to how long the memory lingers in your emotional consciousness, and you will soon see a pattern  from which you should examine and adjust your behavioral repsonses to.

For instance, if you notice a pattern of ebullience when you see a new puppy, then you have an affinity for dogs.  If you are ecstasy when you cook or eat delicious food (I have two friends who nearly salivate when then are in the kitchen, not me), then you have a joy for culinary expression.  Or, if you are euphoric when you look at art, then you have a residual trait for painting or creative expression.

Don’t deny or overlook where you notice your passion!

This weekend I had the honor and distinct pleasure-high ecstasy, euphoria, and ebullience-as I witnessed and participated in my niece’s wedding. First of all it was exquisite, one of the most beautiful, well planned marriage ceremonies (unbiased here) I have ever attended. What was the treasure, from which I will have indelible imprints therefrom is the evident love shared between these two newly weds.  I discovered that  I cherish love-thus it is the subject of my Miracle Monday.

Make your Miracle Monday a day of treasures, whether it is from a flashback of your moments of passion or a new, in the moment experience you are having right how.  Miracle Monday is your gift for the day…be it any day or time; just recognize and savor the ecstasy, euphoria, and ebullience in your life.

Make this Monday your Miracle!

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