Monday Miracle

I lay claim to this day of miracles!

Making a declaration with feeling and focus is the most powerful way to manifest miracles this Monday.  What you focus upon, with gladdened expectancy and gratitude, the universe delivers.  Oftentimes miracles occur in unexpected ways and then sometimes they manifest in direct appearance of exactly what you wished.  The difference maybe in the intensity of the longing or it may be in the patient focus upon what you truly and deeply want and intend to happen.

Be patient. Robert Scheinfield, in The Eleventh Element, tells a profound story of how his grandfather taught him to make request and how to manifest exactly what he wanted.  One element of making your focus desire come true was patience, to have a knowing that the universe is working it out for you at the right time and in the right place. Don’t give up. “Never, never give up,” says Winston Churchill.  Instead, know that what you want is coming when you have active belief.

I know that I want to lose forty pounds, trust me I know I won’t lose it all today in spite of how badly I want to or recognize that I need to.  But, as Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce, confirms, it takes desire, exercise, patience and discipline and time. For my metabolism  to fire up and burn more calories than I consume, I have to do heart-pumping exercise every day or I will never actively manifest my miracle.  Otherwise, I am fantasizing and setting unrealistic expectations.  This then breeds cynical “this is hooee” responses and ultimately unwarranted failure.  But, look out because my slim down method is to keep an active calendar of exercise and food intake as I structure my pending miracle.  I’ll update you with a new picture of my new trim.feel good, sexy self real soon-on a Monday.

Today, in your manifest time, be active, watchful, and patient. Know that you will see, feel and touch what you want today, maybe at the eleventh hour, and maybe in a form different from what you specifically want, but you will manifest a miracle. Today!

Spend a minute more working in your world of wonder.  Have active faith and expectancy…get your Monday miracle.  Feel good about what change is given and expect more goodness when other wants are aligned with your inner and outer wanting.  When there is divine synchronicity, you will magnetize unto you your miracle.

Manifest miracles.

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