Increase Power in Your Life

Life is the performance of function. The degree to which you strengthen and leverage your active functioning determines the level of power in your life.

Power is managed control of fear.

Two days ago I was kicked out of boot-camp because I had an episode of spiked high blood pressure which frightened the trainer but not me. My power reaction was to consent to him calling paramedics which confirmed my blood pressure was dangerously high; I felt real bad but I had no intention of stopping my goal of exercising to get fit and lose weight.

After a visit to my cardiologist, my next power move was to talk to another fitness camp trainer and enroll in a new program.   Monday is the new start date – that’s the exercise of power.

When you know your goal and why, and the reasons are compelling and felt from your soul, that is unstoppable power. Where is your power cord? What are you so determined to do that the achievement finish line is all you align your activity to match?

What is power to you?

Send in your answer to this question along with a dialogue about why staying in your power, in spite of obstacles, is important to you. Share your feelings and experiences so that we collectively learn how to increase power in all life situations.   As a reward, I will send you a FREE copy of my book, For the BEST of You, and post your comments on the blog. Let’s power light up the world by inspiring others to know their power and increase the wattage of why in their lives.

You are powerful!

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