Miracle Monday

The universe is alive with brilliant stars and you are one of them!  Each of us is a star in the galaxy of life and we all have the power to manifest what we want.

Don’t you ever doubt your inner power, regardless of the day of the week or the hour of the day.  As is the power of the galaxy, you have the same inner strength.  It may take diligent work for many to magnify that strength, but be assured  that it can be done. One thought group espoused that manifesting miracles basically only required you to think about waht you wanted and it will appear, similar to a genie in a bottle.

Well,  if that fantasy were true there would be raw hands from rubbing so hard and there would be no woes because we all wish for something better. Dreams require awakened action. Manifesting Mondays takes you to an awareness and point to action you must take to see the change you desire. I started a different type of inner work last week using The Passion Test model by Janet and Chris Attwood that was facilitated by one of their certified trainers.  It was work! Thank you Roy van de Mull.

My discovery is that my passions have changed. This is not utterly profound in that as we phase through our lives, this should be the case. But, often as I can attest, we stay in the same pattern assuming that our passions remain constant throughout life. Not True!

Our passions change and what we want to manifest changes. This is one reason why I urge you to check in on what you truly want to manifest each week.  Here is a suggested process:

1. Wake up (regardless of the time of the day) and meditate. Wake up and feel alive. Take at least 10 minutes. Really get down deep into your internal awareness and meditate on what you want. Be still, concentrate, relax and feel your inner energy.
2. Come clean. Really clean up any lingering mess. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and disallow negativity.  Then take the time to refresh your inner happiness; tap into your passion and enjoy the moments where you were funny, joyful, spiritually uplifted, attuned, in your natural zone of expression.
3. Quiet down. Take a few minutes on Mondays to quiet external noise and allow yourself to experience quiet peace.
4. Clear Your Focus. Clearly, vividly, expressly focus on ONE thing and only ONE thing every Monday. The next Monday you may choose to shift your focus to another thing or remain focused on what miracle you want to manifest.
5. See the end. See your finish point. Be in the scenery and experience all of the expressions that accompany embracing your Monday Miracle.

Lisa Nichols, of The Secret, in her book, No Matter What, specifies the muscles we must develop to create the life we love.  Two of those muscles are-faith in myself and take action muscle. Dreams require action to manifest – act well and wisely. This is your true, passionate life.
This process may require some practice for those who are beginning to Manifest on Mondays, but in a short time, with direct commitment, you will accelerate through these steps with ease and purpose.

Begin today…right now.
Manifest your Monday right now and let us know the result….Be well, be clear, and expect miracles.


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