Fantastic Friday

You know, I muse, life is short or long…depending on how you have lived.

By now you have read or heard some of Steve Jobs life achievements. Wonderful. If you have the time, play his commencement address to Standford University students in 2005. Fascinating, especially at the 9:00 mark.

Maybe you read about or heard that Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth died the same day as Steve Job did; one early morning and the other late afternoon. Rev. Shuttlesworth, (born Freddie Lee Robinson on March 18, 1922) is a civil rights activist who led the fight against segregation and other forms of racism as a minister in Birmingham, Alabama.

A third life giant died on the same day, Derrick Bell, lawyer and advocate. He was soft spoken, but carried a booming voice in the field of justice and equal rights for all.

These three men loved life and lived LIFE! Take a moment to hear their words on YouTube (one has over 8 million views while the other has about 1 thousand). Yet, their message is basically the same – live fantastically – live passionately.

Make some noise! Live!

Have a fantastic Friday.

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