Fantastic Friday

How do you feel when you say out load: I can do anything I want to do?

When I speak those words out loud, I feel a freedom from physical and mental constraints, but many other people tell me they immediately feel a sense of doubt or silliness. I read your comments and want to introduce you to a young man  for whom I marvel at his indomitable spirit-he feels, without a doubt that he can do, and should do, anything he intends to achieve.

Maybe we should ask Kyle Maynard to repeat out loud “I can do anything I want to do.” I am sure he would be hollering those words at the top of his lungs.  Kyle Maynard, whom I have had the honor of meetings and feeling for myself as I talked to him about Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!, is downright fearless.  He was born a congenital amputee, thus having no arms or legs that are fully developed.  But, this author of the book No Excuses, lives that mantra better than anyone I know.

It was his no excuses mentality that propelled him to become a champion wrestler who recently opened his first fitness center, No Excuses CrossFit, in Suwanee, GA. He continues to train and compete in power lifting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And amidst much debate over his capability to compete in the sport, on April 25th 2009, Kyle made history by becoming the first quadruple amputee fighter ever to step into a cage and fight in Mixed Martial Arts.

Kyle Maynard

What! This man is a wrestler, martial arts expert, a power lifter and fitness genius. What, did you say?  Kyle defies the impossible. He is not done yet, his next quest is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro without using prosthesis. WHAT!  WHY?   “I am climbing for the people who may realize how much potential they have in their lives, says Maynard.

Keep potential alive, live to your highest peak this Fantastic Friday.

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