Let there be HOPE on Earth

Let there be hope, peace, harmony, unity and joy on earth and let it begin with me and you.  This is the season to celebrate and anticipate the coming year. Share with me the spirit of hope, starting today. With hope and faith ALL things are possible. Without hope, base natures emerge such as fear, despair,  competition or selfishness. Make it your today resolution to begin each day expectant and full of hope.

Let hope abound!  Fill you mind with joy. Promote harmony and live in a space of unity with all. Accept peace. Protect the earth.

It is our responsibility to care, to care with a spiritual heart each and every day. Not just now, as a seasonal expectation, but day-by-day and heart-to-heart.  Touch that place within you that is filled with compassion and expression.  Dip deep into your well of inner riches and share those gifts with others who have yet to discover their gold mine treasures. Patiently accept each test and difficulty for each contains a lesson for growth. And banish all thoughts of misery, for there is always hope.

“The important thing is not that we can live

on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it.” ~ Harvey Milk

Embrace every second with hope.

Cling to the truth that we -you and I – can be a beacon of hope.

Let there be hope on earth, let it begin now.

Recommended reading: Finding Hope in the Age of Melancholy – David S. Awbrey

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