Monday Miracle: What are You Worth?

Worth is a mighty, validating measurement. Have you considered your worth?

What are you worth?  In the creation of Monday miracles, the subject of worthiness or validity probably comes up for you at random times and in all probability your answers to that question of “worth” is manifested by behaviors that support your belief or self valuation.   This means then, that having an accurate sense of your worth is of defining merit.  This question and the answer you equate with it parallels the age old seminal question: Who am I?

Your calculation – far beyond numerical digits – of your worth can canalize or give direction to discovering perpetual happiness, inner acceptance, quiet resolve, and illumined grace.  Thus, determining what you are worth is significant.

How do you determine what you are worth?

Here are a few ways to consider worth: (please modify and add to this short list)

  • How do you feel about your contributions in life up to now? Are you excited, ready to contribute more because what you do has made a difference?
  • Do you feel respected and valued for what you do and who you are?
  • What do others say about you that speak to the worthiness of who you are?
  • When do you feel most worthy?

These questions are meant only to probe your inner psyche about how you perceive worth. That is the  true measurement of miraculous worth. I’ve often repeated the title of one of my favorite books by Terry Cole Whitaker, What You Think of Me is None of My Business; the reason being is because what others think of you is measureless compared to what you think of you.

What you think of yourself is the true, telling point of self-valuation.  Nothing more, nothing less. What you believe or perceive and accept about yourself tells it all.

If you cannot accept your noble worth and power, then no one else will.

A healthy sense of worth does not signify arrogance nor does a lower sense of worth signify humility or servility. Neither extreme is your lifeline.  What is more likely when you probe deeply the questions, is a balanced symmetry of traits and actions that fluctuate in measures of impact.

We are all WORTHY. There is not one worthless person alive. The honor is to recognize our worth and to acknowledge the worth in others. It matters not the measuring tool you use nor the size of our measurement, what matters is the acceptance of who you are and then loving that special worth within yourself and in others.

“There are four questions of value in life: What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for? and What is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same-only love.” ~Johnny Depp

You are worthy, priceless estimations of joy and love.

Tell us how you determine your worth. Let’s start an open conversation around the question: How do you determine your worth?

Fantastic Friday: Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson

Actor Rainn Wilson, star of the television series The Office and creator of the cool blog website Soul Pancake which asks readers probing questions that make you think with an expanded vision that they deluge with creative answers, is fantastic because he cares.

Recently, Rainn Wilson decided to help 2007 CNN Hero Aaron Jackson with his organization Planting Peace.  Jackson’s project has helped de-worm millions of children around the world thorough Stomp the Worm.  Wilson got involved by helping Jackson raise money for the children’s homes and schools they have built in Haiti. In addition to introducing Aaron Jackson to other celebrities and increasing the profile of Jackson’s project, Wilson has toured Haiti and Africa to be with the children that Stomp the Worm has helped because he cares.

Caring is free and caring can set many people free. It only takes a fantastic heart.

Chinese New Year: Water Dragon

This Monday is especially potent in that it is the opening of the Chinese New Year (Chun Jie / 春节 2012) -the year of the Water Dragon- according to the Chinese lunar calendar.  The essence of the symmetry of the numerical sequence 1,2,3 on this day that marks the lunar beginning of newness   portends for clarifying transformation that can bring order. This order offers a unique time for higher spirituality and evidences of things hoped for in your life.

Chinese Dragon Banner

The water dragon is the only mythical animal in Chinese astrology. It represents strength, vitality and protection; it is known for making dreams come true and according to Feng Shui experts it’s natural element is Wood, which represents action and innovation. For these reasons alone this Monday is powerful, but there is more.  2012 is a Water year, a period of personal growth and deep intuition and conscious wisdom.

This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities.  Together, this means that 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, which means transformation will be paramount this year.

Here are five tips to maintain focused action and inspire dynamic energy:

  1. Review your life/goal list.  Write out multiple copies and keep them in prominent places all around your surroundings as a reminder of your intentions in 2012.  If you have not written a goal list or life list for yourself, stop right now and write a few active steps you will take to transform your life in 2012.
  2. Practice silence daily.  Spend a few minutes every day in silent contemplation.  Use this time to “hear and listen.” Make no requests, just tune in to the silence.  Acquiesce, feel the wholeness of gratitude in this space of silent mindfulness.
  3. Create a focus ritual.  During the bounty of these water dragon days, focus.  Energize your deepest desires with a focus ritual. Your ritual may be to repeat out loud your life/goal list.  Or, you may create a mantra that you repeat often to remind you of your intended destiny.  Be creative and excited about all that is coming your way this year. If you have a vision board, pause and look at it everyday. Integrate a radiant joy into your ritual, exude excitement for each expectation.
  4. Clear clutter.  This is the year for order, clear away distraction and debris that clog your life. Right now is the time to release and be free; this is the time to clear open pathways to receive exactly what you desire and need in your life.  Clean up sordid relationships, get organized, make clear mind moves that remove worry, doubt, fear, and dust away anything in your physical environment (home, office, or outside) that could impede the rhythmic flow of pure joy and potentiality.
  5. Face your truth.  Eliminate any negative chi now. Refuse to carry along danger, despair, or darkness from the past.  Face the truth of any lesson and accept the message and move on to a lighter happier inner peace.  Chinese experts warn that dark secrets will be exposed during this year if you refuse to relinquish them by letting them go. Face your truth first about your self and your inner being and practice compassionate honesty with others.  Live in absolute truth and honor.

Live in wonder, be in awe, appreciate each moment and allow the creative space the experience and share the electricity of being.

Why? The Pivot of Change

photo by Renjith Krishnan

We all know the basic five pejorative questions to ask probably from English class: who, what, when, where, and WHY. Today my emphasis is on the question WHY  because when you know WHY you want something to happen, regardless of what it is, then you can usually make it happen. It has been said that the person who knows and understand and can answer the question why can move mountains.

Your answers to the question why is pivotal to change.  It is the rotation point that allows you to shift direction or focus to a new, more aligned place that then allows you to break old patterns which then produces the symmetry and congruency for you to get exactly the breakthroughs you want.

Knowing WHY solidifies your justification for doing something different.  This way, you know what you know. Answering why, for your dream, creates a realization so strong and deep that you can’t let other people and even yourself tell you no.

When in doubt, pause and answer the question why. Do two things:

  1. Sit down and write your answers to the question why. Let this be your visceral proposal for change.  You may then discover explosive creative ways to get the support you need. You may realize that internet sources such as,, or may be interested in your project.
  2. Research like projects. Let’s say that your dream is to travel and then submit your awesome photography for sale. Learn about travel photography and pay because of your why!  Many have made resolutions to be healthier. Internet sites are prevalent that can give you the support you need:,, are just a few online sources that include free personalized weight loss tools and massive support.

These two action steps sear your brain and heart and create new passion pathways that become your pivot for change. In a way, these basic actions become directional in that they often point you to a direction from which to go or not go.

Then let your intuition and fertile drive create the mechanism to make your dreams happen.

WHY is the precursor to the active steps you need to take, regardless of fear or doubt, to spark a breakthrough.

WHY, that is the question only you can truly answer.

Where is Your Chi (Energy)?

We have turned a new Gregorian calendar page and emptied out the old for the new destined promises of 2012. In order to allow whatever you desire that is promised for you, there has to be energy around it.  James Arthur Ray is famous for say, “Energy goes where attention flows.” Oprah Winfrey mimics the same principal with her words,”I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.”

Becoming in 2012 takes energy. Here are three ways to boost your energy(chi):

  • Put things in order. Complete or replace dangling needs. If you have not yet finished writing or have a project or issue left over, examine it and then finish or replace it. Don’t get frustrated that your expected time of completion has passed, instead really examine within yourself if this is viable for right now. Ask yourself is this my truest intention? Oftentimes leftover projects are the result of low energy for that particular thing instead of being a lack of time. Check your energy level around that specific need, project or issue, in harmonious intention, and either refresh your completion timeline or replace that one with something new that is “hot” with energy for you.
  • Defuzz your vision.  Often we know what we feel and want in our lives. The problem many times is that our feelings (energy) and wants are clouded over similar to a cataract eye.  Make your 2012 vision 20/20.  There are many ways for you to do this and let me suggest two energy chi  surge actions that when paired together touch a circuit for completion and realization that equals success. ONE-write your goals down. Make it real by using a pen a paper to describe in exact detail what gives you energy.  TWO – create a vision board that is a pictorial representation of where you will direct your energy this year.

My 2012 vision board

Look at my personal vision board for 2012. It is clear how I will direct my energy (chi) this year.  This is what I want in 2012: a caring, giving, prosperous spirit; a loving helpmate; travel to Italy or other countries represented by the flags; to complete the Peachtree Road Race in 2012; to sell 800 copies of my book Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! (afterwhich it goes out of print); to be active in Toastmasters; to practice A+ excellence in all things knowing that I can do it.

My vision board was constructed and laid out according to the Chinese theory of Feng Shui and the Bagua map.  My reference is written with clear instructions and simple diagrams which really aided my completion.  You will find the Bagua map and Feng Shui at    The main point here is to couple your clearly written and visual goals together to create the energy and action to make everything you desire in 2012 to happen.

  • Set up marker stations.  Pay attention to your intentions and your energy (chi) every day.  As you go throughout the year pause at marker points to celebrate.  For me, a marker point would be after I have run 3 miles seven days in a row-I need to celebrate because this is a halfway point in the Peachtree Road Race for example.  You set your own marker stations and add more energy fuel for completion by celebrating.   Notice that I am very clear and specific about what my marker station is for that specific goal.  Do the same for each of your goals with a sensible frequency for celebration that energizes you and reminds you that you have matched a goal marker in your life.  Then, move your marker station for that goal to stretch beyond where you are at that moment (include this as a part of your energy celebration) so that you advance forward to  successfully completing that goal.

Some of your goals can be completed short-term and others may take more time, but knowing in written and visual form that your goals are attainable as long as your energy attention flows, will renew your completion strength day by day and from marker to marker.

Here’s to your Chi in 2012.