Leap Year Day: 3 Tips for Leaping Life

It’s Leap Year 2012. Alright, fine. What makes this year extraordinary is that for the first time in four years you can leap your life to the top. Leap life.  Get ahead of mediocre mindset, minimum living and modest money.

by nattavut

Don’t waste the day, instead plan to make this day a leap to your success.  In case a refresher reminder is necessary to aide your towering leap to your success in 2012 these three tips can maximize your achievement:

  1. Speak positive truth all day. Talk out loud to yourself. Affirm in a thundering voice positive mantras. If you have not written a personal mantra, write one. Mine is-I am child of a rich father. I deserve the best for it is my right. This is my positive truth that I proclaim in a booming voice to leap life everyday.  Shout with strong emotion your affirmation and other positive messages all day.
  2.  Don’t worry, be happy this leap year day. Clear out all negativity today. Replace worry with gratitude, find sources of happiness. Whistle, sing, dance, collect memories, draw, paint, swing in the playground, walk in the park, skip rope, play flag ball, smile, say something tender. You get the point, control unrewarding input. Guard your ear-gate and heart-gate. Shut away the news. Find what is fun and funny. Make yourself and others happy – leap ahead just like a frog.
  3. Think and see your goal checklist for the year. Let me recommend a website for goal-setting, www.achieve-goal-setting-success.com.   This site is full of free goal setting, success, achievement strategies and life skills for adults and children to leap your year.  It is a well documented fact that goal-setters succeed, and people who succeed have goals. Make your goal road map using the tools found on the website or create one independently, whatever route you take to make definite your goals that have a start and end date that will allow you to leap life, do it NOW-29 February 2012 is your start date.

Make major efforts to identify and supercharge your success.  Never despair or get discouraged since, even with the strongest leap, goal attainment takes times.  Work and prepare and work persistently.  Keep on keeping on, leap this year to your success!

Leap Year 2012 is your date to energize your actions for success.

True You

“I’m loved, I’m valued, and I’m capable of achieving balance in my life.

I can learn to eat well.  I can exercise. I can express gratitude for the simple act of being able to breathe in and breathe out.

I can move away from darkness and depression to light and hope.

I can be happy with who I am, not what I should be, or what I might have been, or what someone tells me I must be.

I am me, the true me;

you are you, the true you- and that’s good. That’s beautiful. That’s enough.”

                                              ~Janet Jackson True You (starting on page 151)


Fantastic Friday: FODAC

There are so many caring people, businesses and organizations that truly care.  Whether caring is embedded in their personal or company mission, there are a plethora of examples where actions match or exceed their promise because of the people who have a compassionate heart.

FODAC or Friends of Disabled Adults and Children in Georgia is fantastic and deserve Friday fanfare.  This organization states: “We seek to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages who have any type of illness or physical disability.” In recent months, due to the illnesses of my neighbor or others in my care circle, I have first-hand awareness of what they do and I have gotten to spend time with the staff.  Let me tell you, they have gotten their mission right.

The volunteers and staff at FODAC do awesome, life enhancing work without Medicare funding. Mostly, they provide durable medical equipment and supplies for those with disabilities for a suggested donation. The stories of caring, and the tangible evidence of how much the workers extend themselves, is inspiring.

FODAC is fantastic!

The Correlation

There is a correlation between the way you treat people and the way people treat you.

One-to-one, there is a direct relationship to life success and how you live your life.

“You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can
do nothing for them or to them.”
~ Malcolm Forbes

Private rage cannot be kept private. What you do in secret eventually comes to light and can be manifest in many forms. What inevitably becomes illumined, that is unstoppable as long as there is rage, deception, or other poor character exhibitions towards others, are potential health and social issues.  Anger, maltreatment and attitudes of superiority show up in many forms.

Public inconsideration is a measurement of character as well.  When the ego poses you as more important than others, the correlation is equally as destructive.  I saw a perfect example of this in the bank a few days ago by an outwardly appearing successful man. Four of us were patiently waiting to talk to someone in customer service when he came in. He promptly went to the desk and interrupted a customer sitting there to ask how long it would take to be seen. After he was told that we were waiting, he went into a rage. My heart sank for him because I knew the long term consequences that correlate to this type of angry behavior. I could see instantly why he showed outward signs of ill health.  My image of him shifted quickly from seeing a man of success to seeing a man of distress.

The good news is that there is a correlation between treating others well and life treating you well. Take time to notice with me the character traits of those you know or see who take the time to share their talents with others, those who are kind and receiving, and those who are caring towards others.  Pay attention to those who lovingly care for a parent (I know many examples of this) or an ill spouse or a child you needs extra attention and care.  Watch their demeanor. Listen to their outlook. Feel their energy. See how seemingly effortless they get things done without a spew of anger and vain importance.

Observe good will. Practice good will. Then, you will easily witness the difference a healthy presence of being correlates to a healthy life.

Bob Proctor says he can tell the success quotient of a person within one hour. All he needs to do is observe, listen to, and ask a few questions before he can accurately access the type of person he is dealing with and determine the success path of that person. Truth be told, we all can do the same. There is just something about the attitude and “talk” of a person that indicates their persona. Malcolm Gladwell in Blink makes a similar case when he talks about “thin-slicing” in his book.

Bob and Malcolm know there are many measures of success. The subjective identity of success is as varied and unique as fingerprints. But, what is common to all is the correlation that each of us governs to the outcomes (good health, happiness, service, high integrity, finances, etc.) that present itself in both private and public showings.  There is duality in all of us, but each of us can control and make best correlations for the well being of ourselves and others.

Three Tips for Building Better Correlations

  1. Evaluate your temperament. Temperament is the combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; natural predisposition. According to David Fontana, author of Know Who You Are: Be What You Want, it is the :raw material which forms the potential from which our personalities, with all their ultimate strengths and weaknesses, will develop.

    ASK: What is my temperament?

    Angry, distrustful, rude, intolerant, impatient, excitable  OR calm, accepting, adaptable, sensitive, affectionate

  2. Examine your life script. Write a description of your life. Make it an honest reflective word picture of who you are both in public and private life.
  3. Identify the change(s) you want. After writing your life script, character and behavior changes may have bubbled up (many did for me). Well, along with this fresh, clean acknowledgment be clear about what changes you want to make in your life that build better life correlations for you.


All three of these Tips/Steps are in your domain. You can change the state of your correlations (if necessary). If matters little what meshed into your experience in the past. What does matter most is the present power that you have to create the change to positive correlations that you want to be and see.

Make each of your life correlations pathways of promise and bounty.