Fantastic Friday: Redtails

Hollywood has gotten this right! By that I mean, the movie Redtails educates and inspires heroism.  You have got to see this movie…you have got to see this movie.

The Tuskegee Airmen, who numbered close to 1,000, were the first group of African-American fighter pilots in the United States and the only group of African-American fighter pilots in World War II. Their bravery led President Harry S. Truman to order the desegregation of the U.S. military in 1948.  Not allowed to practice or fight with their white counterparts, the Tuskegee Airmen distinguished themselves from the rest by painting the tails of their airplanes red, which led to them becoming known as the “Red Tails.”


Here is a synopsis: (taken from

1944. As the war in Europe continues to take its toll on Allied forces, the Pentagon brass has no recourse but to consider unorthodox options — including the untried and untested African-American pilots of the experimental Tuskegee training program. Just as the young Tuskegee men are on the brink of being shut down and shipped back home, they are given the ultimate chance to show their courage. Against all the odds, with something to prove and everything to lose, these intrepid young airmen take to the skies to fight for their country — and the fate of the free world.
I thought I knew the whole story since I studied the subject of the Tuskegee Airmen, some whom were prisoners of war, and have personally met three of them and because my cousin is married to the daughter of a Tuskegee Airman but I did not; I only knew most of the story.
PBS aired two acclaimed pieces Tuskegee Airmen Reborn and The Tuskegee Airmen which document the heroism of these men who actually fought two wars-World War II and the war of racism in America. One Tuskegee hero, Dr. Dempsey Morgan, resides at Walter Reed and Myron Wilson died in 2001. Two (Val Archer and Zellie Orr) in Atlanta are active front-line promoters of their story by giving lectures and visiting local schools.  Their story is fascinating.
Director Anthony Hemingway and Executive Producer, George Lucas, bring alive their story in big-screen form. There are faults, including corny lines, but let that not detract you from the story of heroism.
“Through war with honor
Through adversity with courage
Through it all with each other.”
This movie tagline says it all.
Honor these heroes, see the movie Redtails.

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