Education Under Fire

Education is under the threat of extinction. It is alarming that such oppression is happening in 2012. Most people have trouble believing that such a thing could happen in the 21st century even. but trust me fundamental right to be educated, the under girding of any society, is denied children, male and female.

This atrocity must be exposed.

For the past thirty years, the Iranian government has made it a state policy to “block the progress” of its largest non‐Muslim religious minority. 300,000 Iranian Baha’is have faced every kind of abuse including arrest, imprisonment, torture and even execution.  Since the 1979 revolution, young Baha’is have not been allowed to attend any of Iran’s universities. Imagine a government in this day and age withholding the right to education from an entire population of its own people. This type of abuse is in violation of every international human rights charter and even Iran’s own constitution.

In 1987, the Iranian Baha’i community started an informal university, which has evolved into the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE for short). With classes taught peacefully in the living rooms and kitchens of homes across Iran by Baha’i academics that have themselves been barred from teaching professionally as a result of their religious beliefs, the BIHE represents the only chance that Baha’i youth have for higher education.

In May 2011, the government launched a coordinated attack against the BIHE–raiding dozens of homes, confiscating computers and materials and detaining eighteen professors and administrators. Seven of those arrested have received four or five year prison terms– their only crime: educating the youth in their community.  Education Under Fire is a campaign designed to help mitigate the effects of these discriminatory policies and to raise awareness of the importance of defending Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees education as an inalienable right of every human being.

The campaign of illumination to expose their plight has produced a 30‐minute documentary, co‐presented by Amnesty International. It tells the poignant and compelling story of the BIHE. I’d like to invite you to see the film and to participate in a conversation. All across the United States people are engaged in remedying this discrimination. Please join the conversation, where ever you live (see the announcement below if you live in the Atlanta area).

                                                                         Children should be educated.

It would be great if you were to join the conversation tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 7:00pm – 9:00pm at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center?   There will be a showing of the “Education Under Fire” documentary followed by a moderated conversation with a very distinguished panel of humanitarians.

Speak out, please  join the conversation.


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