YOU Are a Miracle

Look high, look low. Look between, look behind. Look above, look around. You are a miracle!

There is no where else to look, there is no miracle “out there” because the miracle is inside you.

You are a miracle; perfect in creation, inimitable and un-duplicatable. You have blown into you the breath of indomitable power. A part of your miracle is to discover and align with your life purpose. This then, unleashes your true power essence that is not bound by your physical condition. The body is the “throne of the inner temple” thus by that description you are a magnificent miracle who is already a brilliant, radiant, illumined, capable throne of genius potency.

No one is better equipped than you.

Have no fear, fear not!

Do this right now: Say out loud to yourself- I AM A MIRACLE. This is your daily mantra, I am a miracle. You are a miracle created in a perfect human form that is a temple to be honored, respected, and expected to make a difference in this life world. There is no more time to tarry, languish, debate. You have been told you are a miracle and now it is expected of you to live a boundless, miraculous life.

There is no time to lose, no time to waste. No second, minute or hour is promised so live like a miracle right now, today. Every aspect of your life is magical and sacred. Not some aspect of who you are, but EVERY part of who you are is miraculous. Open your mind to that source reality and begin today to expand your inner and outer awareness of your temple being.

Simply by grandly appreciating yourself, you polish your inner temple with loving gratitude when leads to a heightened awareness of the world around you. You open your mind to new possibilities, take delight in discovering the formerly imprisoned self to explore and discover the miracle of your life. As you expand your miracle mindset, you begin to engage more deeply in each breath moment and your life feels magical and profound.

When you honor your inner miracle – it is within you – your life will transform into an expression of miracles.
You are a purposeful miracle, you are a miracle.

Aimee Copeland: I Love Life

Aimee Copeland

The homemade poster that Aimee holds says it all

Aimee Copeland, the young woman from Snellville, Georgia, who lost her hands, both feet and her entire right leg to flesh-eating bacteria last spring, embraced life and sent a powerful message of indomitable strength when she walked using a walker for the first time in front of millions on the Katie Couric show.

Tears flowed throughout the audience, but not from Aimee as she beamed and walked with a steady determination toward Couric. During her interview on the show, she talked with vigor about living and about her dreams for the future as an amputee saying “I love life. It’s a beautiful thing… even more so now.”

“My senses are so deepened,” she said. “Everything smells better. Everything is more vibrant, more beautiful.” Everything sparkles, like her eyes, in her new world. Copeland, 24, cut open her right leg falling from a zip line near the Tallapoosa River amazingly only four months ago. She has come so far; her spirits and determination to live has soared.

America loves Aimee, the world loves Aimee and she loves life. Home builders in Georgia built a complete annex onto her parent’s home for her that has everything she needs to grow her independence and Katie surprised Aimee with a new van, donated by a Georgia Chevrolet dealer, that will get her further down the road of life. She is amazing, her outlook is amazing. Her smile and her spirit is amazing.

Don’t call Aimee “disabled.” She is learning to use her “nubs” instead of adaptive equipment, attested by the medical staff at The Shepherd Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta.

She said what she has eclipses what she lost last spring.