Give Yourself a Gift

It does not matter where you are or who you are-today is give yourself a gift day. This is important since you seldom pause long enough to be a self-gift giver. The world is locked in ambition, activity and automaton so much so that YOU are often forgotten, but not today. Today, and any other day you want to repeat this, give yourself a gift.

Make this pledge today: (You must practice this all day. This pledge can be repeated any time).

I give myself the gift of____________________

Don’t over think this-just give yourself a gift. Simple. (HINT) You may have more than one gift today.


I give myself the gift of patience

I give myself the gift of truth

I give myself the gift of meditation

I give myself the gift of relaxation

You get the point, give yourself an inner character trait that strengthens your state of consciousness; please try to stay away from materialism – materials or longing for external stuff does nothing to advance who you are a person; one who is free from anger, envy, unhappiness, jealousy, sexism, or any other ego-centered feeling.

Instead, give yourself a gift that confirms and affirms the gift that you are.

Please feel free to share in a blog comment the gift(s) that you gave to yourself today on his blog. It would be exciting and healing to acknowledge your gift and pass it on to others as a gift from you.

Live your gift today!

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