Captain D’s Implies Violence Against Women

I have watched and re-watched and watched again the new advertisement “The Toast” by Captain D’s and each time feel a sense of panic.   Although the sentiment is to celebrate the first date of the couple with a public “toast” commemorating the event, but when the man points his finger and then makes a cracking sound at the end after he warns her to put down his last hush puppie, all impression of loving devotion evaporates.

The implication that I feel and see at that point in the commercial is that one day he will “crack” himself and then do something violent or that he will “crack” her neck for not obeying his instruction (command). On a visceral level, I want to scream at the lady, RUN! Get away, now! If he switches off his affection over a small food tidbit, what will he do the next time you defy him….RUN!

What was Captain D’s thinking?  Were they not thinking about the rise of domestic violence when they scripted the commercial? In this case, Captain D’s did not think far enough.

Inequality, in this case, the apparent psychological domination of the male actor, is a social danger.

“The emancipation of women, the achievement of full equality between the sexes, is essential to human progress and the transformation of society. Inequality retards not only the advancement of women but the progress of civilization itself. The persistent denial of equality to one-half of the world’s population is an affront to human dignity. It promotes destructive attitudes and habits in men and women that pass from the family to the work place, to political life, and, ultimately, to international relations. On no grounds, moral, biological, or traditional, can inequality be justified.” (Two Wings of a Bird: The Equality of Women and Men)

I urge Captain D’s to re-look at “The Toast” commercial in light of the unintentional message of abuse and remove it.

What is your opinion about the ad? Men and women, we must react when there is an affront, even one unintended, to human dignity. What do you see and what do you have to say?

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