5 Ways Women Sabotage Their Fitness Goals

The truth is spoken here-read this article. Fitness to each of you.

Operation: Happy Mom

In the spirit of the upcoming new year, I thought it would be fitting (unintended pun) to talk about the things we do to sabotage our workout efforts. More than 40% of Americans will make a New Years resolution, but only 8% of those people will actually succeed at achieving their goals (Forbes.com). Usually losing weight or being healthier tops the list of resolutions each year. So why can’t we attain the healthy, fit body we always dreamed of? Here are some of the ways people, women in particular, undermine their efforts of leading a healthier life.

Not Being Consistent

What I’m about to say may come as a shock to you….if you are not consistently exercising you will not see results. In order to see results, you will need to workout at least 3 times per week and continue to do so – indefinitely. Ok I’ll wait for you…

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