Make A Request

Ritual of arcane summoning

Ritual of arcane summoning (Photo credit: hersheydesai)

Today, ask for what you want! You may decide to verbalize your request to a specific person or you may quietly make a request to the universe. Either way, the request that you make will be heard.

Your ability to manifest what you have made a request for is directly controlled by how clear and powerful and creditable you state your request.

In order to make your request stick, mean it and believe it. Summon what you want, make a request that is valuable to you.

The inchoation (beginning or origin) of what you want is simply to make a request. So many people dance around stating what they want, expecting others to “get it,” and thereby fall short in getting what they truly wanted. Instead, open your mouth and your mind this year and ask for what you want.

Let the universe and others know, in clear and specific words, exactly what you want not as a demand with ultimatums, but as a calm invite to partner with you to fulfill your request. Make a request that is powerful and be a peace; you’ve said it and you will have it.

The year 2014 is a period for making requests. Clarify what you want and then make powerful, clear requests. Go ahead, make a request.

What do you want in 2014? Request it.

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