The Right Continuity: Three Ways to Sanity

“Skill to do comes of doing.”

                                                                                  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are not insane!  So many people have adopted the “insanity” definition – doing the same thing expecting a different result – that they are paralyzed with fear over the notion of looking insane.  Repeat after me:  I am NOT insane.  I am not insane! Continuous pursuit of what is right for you, that you passionately believe in is right.

Instead, you are practicing the right continuity.  You are pursuing your passion, lead by your inner drive to effect change.  You see a different path, you hear a different drumbeat, and you live a sane driven life to see your dream fulfilled.  The right continuity often means that you may have to go solo, which is fine so long as you are solid in the endeavor.  The Beatles were told to get lost, people would hnot listen to their music.  Dorothy Irene Height was told that her fight for African American women was in vain.  J. K. Rowling was told that children would not read her books.

These world changing pioneers, and a broad spectrum of others, continued right on.  They spoke out, they wrote-even on a napkin, they sang…over and over again.  Consuming passion meant to them that they could not stop even though it looked like what they were pursuing was insane.

You have the right to continue to pursue your hearts desire.  Instead of giving up, practice these sanity tips:

  1. Check your heart.  Do you feel deep in your heart that what you are doing is right and worthy?  If so, be happy and continue.  If not, objectively make the changes that resonate rightness within your heart and then continuously and bravely move forward.
  2. Check your eyes.  Are you seeing a sane future?  It matters not the chaos of the external world, what matters singularly doing with skill what you see that you must do.  We are all purposed with vision, many cloud their eyes by allowing the myopic cataract of fear to blind them to their right, purposeful and passionate pursuit of a better world.  Keep your eyes clear-see a sane future.
  3. Check your mind.  What are you saying to yourself?  Noticing what you are telling yourself, the stories you believe, can enrich your sanity or drive you to feel that you are insane.  Are you encouraging your passion or slowly blotting it out.  Repeat: I am not insane!

Use words that affirm, see a clear conclusion, and feel in your heart that your a right and that you have the right to continue to pursue your passion and life work.  Develop the skill of doing, practice sanity and rightly continue.

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