Monday Miracle: Eliminate Waste

“The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we can become.” ~Ben Herbster


Waste not, want not. Often many are stalled in achieving their goals because they waste talent and time living a normal, humdrum life of comfortable discontent. Their routine is set…wake up, travel the same roads to work, and get through eight hours, return home, eat a tasteless meal, watch television and then get ready to do the same thing five days a week. It is little wonder they are wasted or that they get wasted.

Steve Harvey was on Oprah’s Life Class show recently and he said this about wasting your life, “You’ve got to get sick and tired of yourself, then you will grasp for and accept change.” These profound words signal what it may take for you to modify waste permanently in your life.

Ask: What am I sick and tired of in my life?

Next, write down the minor and major steps you must take to achieve the change you intend to see in your life. Yes, write it down. At this point, talking about what you are sick and tired of is of little value. You have talked enough! Your friends are tired of hearing it and seeing you do little or nothing you have promised and your ears are tired of hearing you promise yourself that you are going to stop wasting your talent.

Take out your garbage.

Third, start. Change your environment. Small adjustments such as changing the route you drive everyday is a beginning. Taking a class related to your intended change is important. The internet is saturated with free online courses you can take for free, do that. Sign up for a free class or two today. Enrich your new self every week; reinforce your intention with action.

Want not, waste not.

This is your new mantra.

Reply to this post. Tell us what changes you have made that eliminated waste in your life.

5 thoughts on “Monday Miracle: Eliminate Waste

  1. My life itself took a turn when I got diagnosed with cancer back in December. I’m only 18. I was taking my exams too that time. But all went well. My treatment ended in May and during this experience I did all the things I never thought I could do. Now I’m learning many different things, like a new language, a new dance form, a new instrument and basically I never get bored and am using all the time I can. Positivity is a factor due to which I’ve become what I am. With really big aims,I’m moving ahead without wasting and hope to continue to be able to do the same!
    Stay good 🙂

    • My love goes out to you. Sometimes tests, such as cancer, are a blessing in disguise. I am especially grateful that your treatment was successful. There are no limits, one of your bounties is that you discovered this at 18. Keep living, keep learning, keep loving.

      I’d love to gift you a copy of Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
      Send me your address to my private email:

      Be well!

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