Fantastic Friday: Peter Thiel

Extraordinary, that is an apt description of Peter Thiel, billionaire co-founder of PayPal.  Peter Andreas Thiel is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. Thiel cofounded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk and served as its CEO. He also co-founded Palantir, of which he is chairman.

Peter Thiel                                                                 Peter Theil

Theil wants young minds to use their extraordinary talent and skills rather than become a robot learner in college.  He says, A college diploma is a dunce hat in disguise.”

To back up his frustration with the closed-minded thrust of American college institutions, Theil created and funded a fellowship which pays 20 young adults, $100,000 each to pursue their interests instead of going to college.

CNN documentary, “Ivory Tower: Is College Worth the Cost” too makes the case that the post graduate debt a students faces while getting  a typical college education, especially for students who do not attend prestigious Ivy League institutions, outweigh the benefits of finding a well paying job with benefits.

Theil and others are advocating experience and experimentation as a best learning practices a young adult can use.  They tout that the student load debt load, reaching north of a billion dollars in the United States, stymies the mind.

As a counterpoint, Business Week asserts, “Higher education can expand our thinking and challenge our assumptions. It doesn’t have to teach us to put on cognitive blinders.”

Theil, a Stanford law school graduate, believes in education. But, he is willing to pay students to out think the dinosaurs of a clamped down system of learning.  Extraordinary!


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A Giant bounce

Philae has landed.  Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has a new visitor.  Amazing!  This historic landing expands the fortunes of mankind to untold discoveries.


According to the European Space Agency, the Philae lander

  • Travelled 6.4 billion km (four billion miles) to reach the comet
  • Journey took 10 years
  • Planning for the journey began 25 years ago

Comet 67P

  • More than four billion years old

How are you planning your journey for the next 25 years?  Tell us what your Philae will be.

A Lesson in Giving

“…tis the season

Light and Spirit

Many years ago I was inspired by Oprah Winfrey. She had begun to really talk about some of her charity work and had created her Angel Network. I wanted to do something to help someone. In fact, I feel this way more often than not.

I was 18 at the time, living at home while going to college. My parents were generous enough to allow me to live rent free. With very little expenses, I felt like a king with the bit of money I had from my part-time job. Instead of splurging on frivolous things, I decided to help the local food bank out. I went to the grocery store and bought a case of macaroni, a case of soup, a case of juice and some hot chocolate. I got to the food bank just as they were closing. The lady came out to give me a hand unloading…

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It’s In Your DNA

Do you want to heal your heart? Serve from the heartDo you want to connect with your soul?  Do you want to experience pure, radiant joy?

Really? Do you want to experience these things?

The answer lies in your DNA.  The ability to practice DNA -Do Not Argue- heals hearts, connects you to your soul, and allows you to experience pure, radiant joy.  To many, arguing seems the only way they can make a point or “feel” the pseudo power of dominance.  WRONG!

Exercising the healing practice of DNA-Do Not Argue is the real power that each person has.  There is no weakness in DNA, instead you feel the ascendancy of knowing who you are and what values are inviolable.  DNA is strength.

Someone disagrees with you, DNA.  Offer your truth, if necessary, and move on.  You are wrongly accused, DNA.  Seek justice using facts, you will prevail.  You are supposedly disrespected, shuck it off. Life is too short to spend it arguing over the mundane.

When you live from your heart and soul centered strong self and put that dominate practice into your daily actions and decisions, your true powerful DNA sense of being ascends.  That is the path to a happier, truer, more wholesome you.

“The senses of your soul help you express your whole truth, and being true to yourself takes work, because it’s so easy to get sidetracked and influenced by others.  It’s easy to get caught up in the drama.  You have to put in the effort and stand strong every day to honor your own ideas, feelings, intuitions and aspiration” ~Marc and Angel Hack

How do you live your DNA life?