Joy Jumps Over the Moon

Many of you know the Mother Goose English nursery rhyme that starts “Hey, diddle, diddle” where the cow jumps over the moon. If you are familiar with the poem, it’s simplicity is endearing and full of ecstatic joy.


Parents read “hey, diddle, diddle” to their children; grandparents and other teachers joyously recite the rhyme. The nursery rhyme which dates back to the sixteenth century is a giggle-worthy classic for all ages of children. J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings featured a version of the poem and you may recall that Maureen sings a version of the poem in the musical Rent.

And, since a child’s joy is in everyone why limit the joy to the nursery.  For those of you who know the verses, repeat them now. Here is a start:

“Hey diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon…”

And while you are at it, consider how it feels when you recite this time honored words.  Does joy jump over the moon when you playfully add your voice to the words?

Be even more creative and imagine how you feel when you accept joy jumps over the moon….WOW! Joy jumps over the moon in your life, yes feel it. Joy-way up over the sunny moon in your life.

Feel the joy, feel YOUR joy.

Send your comments telling us how you felt when you allowed joy to jump over the moon…be in joy!

Happiness Heals Hearts

Daniel Skye has it right.  He just wants you to smile.

Happiness is about smiling, making your life better.  Happiness heals hearts.  When you are happy, your heart beats stronger and you have a little more pep in your step. You want to twirl, skip and share your smile.

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a renowned dentist, wrote this excerpt from a post for Dr. Oz:

“The smile is the window to the soul; it puts us at ease when we see people smile. Freely offered, no means of expression has the ability to make a complete stranger feel better or more compelled to return the favor. Smiles know no language barriers, no demarcations of race, gender, or class. It’s the one thing that is truly universal among humans. In any social interaction, professional or personal, people will intuitively gravitate towards those of us who smile.”

It’s true. Happiness portrayed  through a smile makes you feel better and by its intrinsic nature makes others feel better too.  In turn, your heart heals.  A happy life and a healthy heart go hand-in-hand.


Practice smiling this week, starting today.

Smile while you walk. Smile at work. Smile during dinner. Smile at school. Smile as you talk. Smile when you explore.  Smile at the market. Smile as you dance. Smile while you garden. Smile because you want to.

How do you feel when you smile?

Tell us your all about your smile experiences. What reaction do you get? Post how you felt when you smiled. Go out and smile.  Smile happy. Smile, heal your heart. Smile.


Smile from the heart