75 Questions: Day 74

There were 75 days before the New Year 2017 began, according to the Gregorian calendar when this series of blog  questions began. Now there is only ONE day before new year’s day. Incredible! Mind-blowing! Insane.

In keeping withe the trend, this blog posting will ask you one question. That question may inspire you, it may perplex you, it may anger you, or it may tickle you. The deliberate  intent of the 75 questions is to probe, to prompt a reaction, to get you to stretch, to press beyond tradition or boundaries, to think broader, to break free as you ponder and then give a thoughtful answer to the question.

It’s all about you. Each of the 75 questions probed to prompt a reaction. You get to embrace your heart. And, allow others to see what is true and real about you. Life is about the worth of your relationships: to others, the environment and yourself. You are just that important.

Ask questions. Check out your world. Ask others what is special about you. Grow. Glow.


You are an eloquent, bright light

The overall intent of the 75 questions is to capture change. The questions are to be a precursor for inner change that leaves you feeling safe,vital, dynamic, in control, powerful, intrigued, universal, connected, and authentic.

When these astounding  emotions are opened up within you (they already exist), you change and your world changes and the whole world changes with you.

Question 74: What do others see in you? (Ask them)

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