No Regrets

World Poetry Day: Post 3

No Regrets

Follow your mind;

and when you doubt it,

insightfulness remains in your instincts.

Have no regrets.

Follow your instincts;

and in your quiet moments of aging,

feistiness remains in your heart.

Have no regrets.

follow your heart;

and in reminiscing your pleasures,

joy remains in your soul.

Have no regrets.

Follow your soul;

and in your final enlightenment,

your light remains for all.

There are no regrets.

~Barbara S. Collier

No Regrets (c)




I Am Me

World Poetry Day: Post 1

I Am Me

I am me

that’s all I want to be.

I am me

free to make my own choices,

regardless of the forces.

I am me

who will honor my creativity

and treasure my nobility.

I am me.

~Anita Jefferson(c)