Show Up Ready

Life is real, you show up ready. This post “Show Up Ready” has simple, practical steps to life your life.

One day, I talked about the Dale Carnegie concept of show-up words. So, I think I have picked a good one and here’s why. For any given day, moment or experience, I want to show up READY. That doesn’t mean I will have the answer to everything. It just means I am going to bring the best of myself to it and do whatever I can for the best outcome. There are several themes that I fitted into this notion.

Taking care of myself

How often have I found myself ill-prepared or lacking the energy to take up an opportunity that comes my way? More often than I care to admit. It is critical to care for oneself both mentally and physically by building their strength and endurance. Invest some time into building these up. And I need to avoid spreading myself too thin.

Being intentional

We have more…

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