One Thing You Must Do

You have heard the old line, “The only thing I have to do is pay taxes and die.” Wrong, the one thing you must do is LIVE…. Death and taxes will take care of themselves. Just live.

Psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud, in his sensible book, 9 Things You Simply Must Do to succeed in Love and Life, categorizes nine life skills that are vital to living well. I understand and agree with them all, BUT in a nutshell what Dr. Cloud is really advising readers to do is live and live YOUR life well.

From the case studies documented in the book, many of his clients and a myriad of other people who are stressed, depressed, and need to give negativity a rest are in the spiral of malcontent because they lack the courage to truly live.

My advice: Be selfish, Make changes in your life that best for YOU!

Leo Tolstoy says, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, no one thinks of changing themselves.”

Change Yourself

As of today, right now – the one thing you must do is fearlessly create the change in your life that powers your soul. Select your passion, feel the excitement of choosing to live the life you want to live.

Do that one thing and be ecstatic about it.
Live your joy, that is the one thing you must to.

Whisper Loudly

Take a moment today to whisper loudly.  Let your heart be heard.  Speak your truth in a loud whisper so that first you hear what honestly resonates in your heart and others around you will hear and feel what you value.

Murmur your song, whisper out loud what matters most to you.  Discard worldly noise for a moment today and instead connect with your deep longing.  Whatever you desire, whisper that out loud.

If you long for stronger relationships with family and friends, whisper speak that and begin to make deliberate actions to strengthen your relationships.

Your whisper may be to invite peace into your heart and by extension into the world, start today by replacing anger, avoidance, or racism with peaceful actions that honor yourself and others.

You may whisper loudly to tackle a learned fear, great!  Today, examine your fear and decompress the learned emotion with active change. Do what you fear and feel the elation from starting to conquer it with valid stronger truth.


Whisper out loud, voice out your desires. Canonize your fear. Banish illusions and with excitement – make your world great.

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Do It Your Way

Millions watched the 100 year birthday celebration for Frank Sinatra last night, it was extraordinary.  My primary take-away is that Mr. Sinatra loved music, people and life.  He made no apologies for living his way and that is what I submit for you to do in 2016-Live your life your way.frank sinatra@franksinatra

His smile, Sinatra’s persona, his life of inclusion-were all done his way. The benefit of living your life “your way” is that you authentically live YOU and only you.

  • You suspend seeking approval from others, you instead know yourself intimately and choose to live as you creatively dictate.
  • You forego personal vacancy, instead you kindly occupy your own life space.
  • You cancel imitation and chart your purposed destiny.

Be your own “Chairman of the Board” and live your life and love your way!

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Monday Miracle: Lauren Hill

Miracles in life often mean that you learn how to “hoop it up.”  When you live life as a normal, routine existence it delivers safety since your habits are rarely disturbed.  But, what happens when that “safety” that is grooved into your being is shaken, when NORMALCY is disrupted?Lauren Hill                                     (photo found at

That question was answered by Lauren Hill on CBS Sunday Morning.  This nineteen year old is chasing her dream, living her life in spite of the terminal brain tumor.  She wants to live long enough to play her first game next Sunday at Mt. St. Joseph College where she is a freshman.  This game is sold out, 10,000 tickets were sold in one hour to support #22. “She feels like she would be a quitter” if she stops playing the basketball game that she loves.

Lauren Hill disrupts safety, she is committed to hoop it up in spite of cancer.  Her favorite charity is (a foundation to cure pediatric brain cancer) and she stills gets up at 5:00 in the morning to practice drills with her team.  She defies normalcy.

Lauren Hill as she takes to the court on November 2 at 2:00pm in the NCAA season opener as Mount St. Joseph University takes on Hiram College at the Xavier University Cintas Center. Let us all cheer for Lauren by living beyond your usual normalcy scope; instead “hoop it up.”

How do you “hoop it up”?  Please post your comments below, we want to know you you live your dreams–thank you.

Monday Miracle: Eliminate Waste

“The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we can become.” ~Ben Herbster


Waste not, want not. Often many are stalled in achieving their goals because they waste talent and time living a normal, humdrum life of comfortable discontent. Their routine is set…wake up, travel the same roads to work, and get through eight hours, return home, eat a tasteless meal, watch television and then get ready to do the same thing five days a week. It is little wonder they are wasted or that they get wasted.

Steve Harvey was on Oprah’s Life Class show recently and he said this about wasting your life, “You’ve got to get sick and tired of yourself, then you will grasp for and accept change.” These profound words signal what it may take for you to modify waste permanently in your life.

Ask: What am I sick and tired of in my life?

Next, write down the minor and major steps you must take to achieve the change you intend to see in your life. Yes, write it down. At this point, talking about what you are sick and tired of is of little value. You have talked enough! Your friends are tired of hearing it and seeing you do little or nothing you have promised and your ears are tired of hearing you promise yourself that you are going to stop wasting your talent.

Take out your garbage.

Third, start. Change your environment. Small adjustments such as changing the route you drive everyday is a beginning. Taking a class related to your intended change is important. The internet is saturated with free online courses you can take for free, do that. Sign up for a free class or two today. Enrich your new self every week; reinforce your intention with action.

Want not, waste not.

This is your new mantra.

Reply to this post. Tell us what changes you have made that eliminated waste in your life.

Make A Request

Ritual of arcane summoning

Ritual of arcane summoning (Photo credit: hersheydesai)

Today, ask for what you want! You may decide to verbalize your request to a specific person or you may quietly make a request to the universe. Either way, the request that you make will be heard.

Your ability to manifest what you have made a request for is directly controlled by how clear and powerful and creditable you state your request.

In order to make your request stick, mean it and believe it. Summon what you want, make a request that is valuable to you.

The inchoation (beginning or origin) of what you want is simply to make a request. So many people dance around stating what they want, expecting others to “get it,” and thereby fall short in getting what they truly wanted. Instead, open your mouth and your mind this year and ask for what you want.

Let the universe and others know, in clear and specific words, exactly what you want not as a demand with ultimatums, but as a calm invite to partner with you to fulfill your request. Make a request that is powerful and be a peace; you’ve said it and you will have it.

The year 2014 is a period for making requests. Clarify what you want and then make powerful, clear requests. Go ahead, make a request.

What do you want in 2014? Request it.

Monday Miracle: Patience

Today’s culture is fast-paced, full of cell phone transmissions, text messages, Facebook postings, Instagram notices, and Twitter tweets. Frenzy, even multiple smart phones is understood as normal.  Even so, patience is valuable.

Not everything should be instant. Patient deliberations are necessary, even in a frenetic fast-paced world.  Aresenio Hall, in a recent interview with Oprah on her OWN network, told Oprah that it took five years before a network accepted his “comeback” show idea for his late night talk show. He persistently shopped his idea to various networks and sought council from close friends such as Magic Johnson, Jay Leno, David Letterman to get their insight and confirmations.

Five years-that’s patience. Patience implies an intentional act of slowing down to consider options.  Consulting and deliberating is a mantra of success. Haste oftentimes leads to muddled disaster. Sure, it is correct to ponder and think about approaching decisions but over-thinking can also precipitate disaster. Success is a blend of patience and persistence.

Persistent patience is a virtue. What this means is that while you are deliberating or consulting with others whom you trust about an issue you are also plotting the needed steps to conclude with getting what you want.

Use discernment to your advantage. If you have a network of colleagues, friends and peers you can talk to-do so. If not, consider getting a mentor or being a part of a mastermind group. This way, you can bounce ideas, clarify your goal, and solicit the support you need to succeed. Neither of these steps are instant matters, patience is required but because of your diligence and persistence you will engage door-opening opportunities that would not have happened without patience.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
~Napoleon Hill

Slow down, practice persistent patience.  Strengthen your capacity, diligently work-sweat a little. Think, think and think some more as you plot your actions. Oftentimes knowing that others believe you are capable of fulfilling your goal gives you the encouragement needed to embrace all of the stimulating growth challenges ahead.

Patience may prolong a decision, but the answer is solid.

Monday Miracle: BFF Yourself

Today, give yourself a HUGE hug.

BFF yourself, be your own best friend.  Often our altruism is directed outward towards others which leads you to forget to show the same kindness, happiness, joy to yourself. In order to balance your inner growth, you need to be your own best friend too. Take a moment to smile deep within in a knowing special way just for you. Then, allow your eyes to sparkle and feel that sparkle all the way to your toes. Next, inhale a deep breath of joy and feel the elixir flow through your nose into your lungs and let it coerce to every cell in your body. When you do, you are illuminating the whole earth.


Each inner kindness you show to yourself as your own BFF, alters the atmosphere of the earth and moves humankind to a circle of unity. The one hug, smile or breath of joy and happiness that you share with yourself and others today will be a part of the ring of hope that miraculously heals the world.

I hug you too.

Send me a note telling me what you did today to BFF yourself.

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Captain D’s Implies Violence Against Women

I have watched and re-watched and watched again the new advertisement “The Toast” by Captain D’s and each time feel a sense of panic.   Although the sentiment is to celebrate the first date of the couple with a public “toast” commemorating the event, but when the man points his finger and then makes a cracking sound at the end after he warns her to put down his last hush puppie, all impression of loving devotion evaporates.

The implication that I feel and see at that point in the commercial is that one day he will “crack” himself and then do something violent or that he will “crack” her neck for not obeying his instruction (command). On a visceral level, I want to scream at the lady, RUN! Get away, now! If he switches off his affection over a small food tidbit, what will he do the next time you defy him….RUN!

What was Captain D’s thinking?  Were they not thinking about the rise of domestic violence when they scripted the commercial? In this case, Captain D’s did not think far enough.

Inequality, in this case, the apparent psychological domination of the male actor, is a social danger.

“The emancipation of women, the achievement of full equality between the sexes, is essential to human progress and the transformation of society. Inequality retards not only the advancement of women but the progress of civilization itself. The persistent denial of equality to one-half of the world’s population is an affront to human dignity. It promotes destructive attitudes and habits in men and women that pass from the family to the work place, to political life, and, ultimately, to international relations. On no grounds, moral, biological, or traditional, can inequality be justified.” (Two Wings of a Bird: The Equality of Women and Men)

I urge Captain D’s to re-look at “The Toast” commercial in light of the unintentional message of abuse and remove it.

What is your opinion about the ad? Men and women, we must react when there is an affront, even one unintended, to human dignity. What do you see and what do you have to say?