Rev Up Your Activation Energy

You are at your goal start line, rev your success engine. Only you can put the pedal on your life accelerator. Nobody else can rev   your engine, you alone must press the pedal that accelerates your life. Only you can drive the lane to your success.

This is a reality: YOU control your life pace. Many want to blame outside forces and rationalize external happenings as the reason they stall out at the start line. Others get started, but fail to maintain their goal lane because they are looking everywhere else to see what someone else is doing.  And then there are those who make it close to the goal line and stall out right there-completely out of gas because they did not plan for their success.

All of these defense mechanisms – blame, irrational rationalization, lack of focus, stalling, not planning – are all negative psychological tendencies that flatten your activation energy; the fuel that masters any goal. There is no way you will climb over obstacles to live a happy, fulfilled life when these energy barriers dominate your thinking.

Shawn Achor, seen on the PBS special program “The Happiness Advantage”, is a Harvard educated researcher on life fulfillment and happiness, asserts that “the real story of happiness is that every person has a range of potential — in terms of intelligence, athletic ability, musicality, creativity, and productivity — and we are more likely to achieve the upper bounds of our brain’s potential when we’re feeling positive, rather than negative or neutral.”

What can you do when you just float along? How far do you go when your energy is sapped? How happy do you really feel when your mind is clouded with worry and despair?

Your success and ultimate happiness depends on your ability to activate your energy. In fact, Mr. Achor says “long-term success is based upon your ability to positively adapt to the world: optimism, social support creation, and viewing stress as a challenge instead of as a threat.” This adaptive perspective is called your “activation energy.”

Regardless of where you are in your life, it is time to rev up your activation energy. Here’s how to rev up your activation energy:
1. Want more joy. You have to want more happiness and inner joy in your life. This first you step is the fulcrum of being joyful. You can be happy. You deserve to be happy.

2. Activate your energy. Now that you seek more joy and fulfillment in your life, it is time to actively pursue your happiness. Stop waiting around for someone to make you fell good. Go out and do the things that support your happiness and don’t stop until you feel joyful.

3. Disavow negativity. Get away from anyone or anything that disturbs your happiness. Take a “feelings” assessment: tune in to what and who feels good to you. When you find those energy drainers, and you definitely will, get rid of them.

4. Practice happiness. Give away your joy. Smile more, volunteer, sing, dance, fiddle, get in your zone. You will attract more and more happiness energy to play the harp of joy everyday in your life.

Activate your positive energy. Be happy. Take advantage of abundant joy-you deserve it.

The Reliable Life

How reliable are you? Think about this, ask: am I reliable in all areas of my life? Can you be counted on at work, at home, in the community, by your friends, or for the health of yourself? Can you count on you?

The reliable life means that you show up and make an investment in your surroundings first.  Being reliable is more than just getting to work and getting a paycheck; it is being present and making a valued contribution. A reliable life is more than providing for your family by making sure there is food in the refrigerator and the house is clean; it is being there for your loved ones in an intimate, significant way. Reliability in this context means you listen, are present and engaged in deeper awareness. Parents need to know that things do not make your children happy; it is the quality of reliable time spent with your children and other kids that makes a difference in their confidence and coping ability. Accustom children to hardship and problem solving.  “We must raise them as moral and spiritual beings by offering them unequivocal, reliable standards of right and wrong, noble and base, just and unjust.” ~ William John Bennett

Reliability stems from more than saying yes all of the time. Integrity proceeds reliability in that those with whom you have a relationship can and do trust you and your word. Thus, when you accept with a “yes” you can be relied upon to do what you agreed to do.

Health reliability means showing up to assist the development of a healthy you. How do you feel right now? Is this reliable or does your health habits tank or vary from day to day? The body, your body is the “throne of the inner temple” which you must govern with tender reliability. Treat your body and your mind well.

Shawn Achor, a Harvard graduate who has done extensive research on the health of happiness, has found that happiness contributes to longevity. In his book, The Happiness Advantage, and in the PBS program of the same name, happiness is the anchor of productivity and longevity.

The reliable life demands balance. You can’t do it all and remain reliable. Instead, build reliability by acts of willing trust. Make a new habit of being trustworthy and reliable. You will find the inner stream of joy and happiness to live your best life.

Be reliable, be happy.