75 Questions: Day 32

We are almost halfway – your answers are so powerful.



There are 75 days before the start of a new Gregorian calendar year. So, for the next 43 days (Monday – Sunday) the blog postings will ask you one question. That question may inspire you, it may perplex you, it may anger you, or it may tickle you.  It’s about the real in you. The intent of the 75 questions is to prompt a reaction, to get you to stretch, to think beyond tradition or boundaries, to reach higher, and then get a truthful answer to the probe.

The overall intent of the 75 questions is to capture change. The questions are to be a catalyst for inner change that leaves you feeling more colorful, dynamic, powerful, intrigued, and authentic. When these healing emotions are opened up within you (they already exist), you change and your world changes and the whole world changes with you.

Post your answers, you will get a response to your replies and we will use these 75 questions to lift life as the year 2017 begins.

Question 32: What are you reaching for?


Monday Miracle: Patience

Today’s culture is fast-paced, full of cell phone transmissions, text messages, Facebook postings, Instagram notices, and Twitter tweets. Frenzy, even multiple smart phones is understood as normal.  Even so, patience is valuable.

Not everything should be instant. Patient deliberations are necessary, even in a frenetic fast-paced world.  Aresenio Hall, in a recent interview with Oprah on her OWN network, told Oprah that it took five years before a network accepted his “comeback” show idea for his late night talk show. He persistently shopped his idea to various networks and sought council from close friends such as Magic Johnson, Jay Leno, David Letterman to get their insight and confirmations.

Five years-that’s patience. Patience implies an intentional act of slowing down to consider options.  Consulting and deliberating is a mantra of success. Haste oftentimes leads to muddled disaster. Sure, it is correct to ponder and think about approaching decisions but over-thinking can also precipitate disaster. Success is a blend of patience and persistence.

Persistent patience is a virtue. What this means is that while you are deliberating or consulting with others whom you trust about an issue you are also plotting the needed steps to conclude with getting what you want.

Use discernment to your advantage. If you have a network of colleagues, friends and peers you can talk to-do so. If not, consider getting a mentor or being a part of a mastermind group. This way, you can bounce ideas, clarify your goal, and solicit the support you need to succeed. Neither of these steps are instant matters, patience is required but because of your diligence and persistence you will engage door-opening opportunities that would not have happened without patience.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
~Napoleon Hill

Slow down, practice persistent patience.  Strengthen your capacity, diligently work-sweat a little. Think, think and think some more as you plot your actions. Oftentimes knowing that others believe you are capable of fulfilling your goal gives you the encouragement needed to embrace all of the stimulating growth challenges ahead.

Patience may prolong a decision, but the answer is solid.

Why? The Pivot of Change

photo by Renjith Krishnan

We all know the basic five pejorative questions to ask probably from English class: who, what, when, where, and WHY. Today my emphasis is on the question WHY  because when you know WHY you want something to happen, regardless of what it is, then you can usually make it happen. It has been said that the person who knows and understand and can answer the question why can move mountains.

Your answers to the question why is pivotal to change.  It is the rotation point that allows you to shift direction or focus to a new, more aligned place that then allows you to break old patterns which then produces the symmetry and congruency for you to get exactly the breakthroughs you want.

Knowing WHY solidifies your justification for doing something different.  This way, you know what you know. Answering why, for your dream, creates a realization so strong and deep that you can’t let other people and even yourself tell you no.

When in doubt, pause and answer the question why. Do two things:

  1. Sit down and write your answers to the question why. Let this be your visceral proposal for change.  You may then discover explosive creative ways to get the support you need. You may realize that internet sources such as Kickstarter.com, IndieGoGo.com, or RocketHub.com may be interested in your project.
  2. Research like projects. Let’s say that your dream is to travel and then submit your awesome photography for sale. Learn about travel photography and pay because of your why!  Many have made resolutions to be healthier. Internet sites are prevalent that can give you the support you need: DrOz.com, WeightWatchers.com, SparkPeople.com are just a few online sources that include free personalized weight loss tools and massive support.

These two action steps sear your brain and heart and create new passion pathways that become your pivot for change. In a way, these basic actions become directional in that they often point you to a direction from which to go or not go.

Then let your intuition and fertile drive create the mechanism to make your dreams happen.

WHY is the precursor to the active steps you need to take, regardless of fear or doubt, to spark a breakthrough.

WHY, that is the question only you can truly answer.