Detox Your Mind

For a while I did not recognize that I was in a transition/clearing out phase. All I knew was that I felt unsettled and angry. Neither of these character traits belong to me so I began to explore the root of my dis-ease and found that I was toxic.

In spite of being careful about those whom I associated with, being a loving-giving person and having a quality family history, I discovered recessive toxicity.

The detox steps that I took included:

1.Isoloation. I had to isolate myself for cleansing and rejuvenation. The toxin parasites I had collected leeched not only my mind processing but also negatively impacted my energy level and health. Uncharacteristically, I have had four respiratory attacks in less than three months – something is definitely off here. My remedy is to undergo a cleansings where I only ate organic fruits and vegetables and drank plenty of water to flush my system of parasitic toxins.

2. Meter. I began to pay attention and meter test my energy around my associates. Yes,  even though all of them were unaware that they were being tested so that I could determine those who sizzled my toxic meter, I began to easily recognize persons, areas, and activities that elevated my toxic seeking sense. Those who pulsed my meter as toxic, I asked the universe to gently remove them away from my space.

The temptation I fought, ironically, was to want to take them back in spite of my truthful knowing doing so was not healthy. What I had to learn is that toxins contribute to chaos and thrives on the continuance thereof.  Dr. Claude Bristol asserts that toxins interfere with your subconscious power and robs you of the ability to function with higher reasoning.

3. Meditation. I began to read more and meditate with higher intensity. Obviously I needed to connect with internal spiritual answers which I could collect from my subconscious source.  Meditation, prayers and reading higher source material began to add refreshing energy into my absorbent mind.

I had to go higher and dig deeper and trust my subconscious promptings. Two books helped me to soar – Love and Power in A Limitless Word (Terry Cole Whitaker) slapped me in the face with the truth about myself and started me to heal. I slung that book away from me so many times that if it had been Humpty Dumpty, as reflected in my shattered self, I would have never re-gained equilibrium and complete fusion.  The second book – Life Shift (Aleta St. James) comforted me with a myriad of confirmations and affirmations.  Let me add here that reading my book, Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits added clarity and emphasis to my life change too.

Almost simultaneously, I began to practice deeper meditation using two CDs. First, Meditation: Your First Steps (Barbara Faison) and In the Garden with Mimi (Lee Williams) and began to ease my troubled, toxic  mind.

I had to detox and so should you.
Pause and check your emotional level and reactions in life. There is never anything to be ashamed of as you submit to this process and find real healing inner peace.