Favorite Friday

What a glorious day – may you get to feel every element of your special gifts.  Touch your heart with one hand and touch your forehead with the other hand and say out loud: This is a glorious day and I am grateful to be a part of it.

These words, or some words similar, is what Georgia native, Scott Hunt, blasts to the heavens almost everyday.  His mother, Wynell, author of the book Why Scotty writes about her son’s life lifts after he was paralyzed in a car accident.  In his words, “On August 1, 1985, my life was changed forever!! I was a passenger in a car that was involved in a head-on collision. I was knocked into a coma that lasted for nine weeks. Doctors suggested to my parents that I be put into a nursing home, because they had never seen a person with brain injuries as serious as mine ever come out of his coma. And come out I did!!”

Scotty Hunt, a devout Christian, has a will to live and experience each glorious day.  Now, he is a college graduate and is married and lives an independent, glorious life.

Oh what a wonder-you make my Fridays a Favorite.

Friday Funnies

Laughter is medicinal according to author Bill Sears. He contends that God Loves Laughter in his book. Phyllis Diller seems to agree that laughter is the best medicine when she made this pun, “Look at Bob Hope. Look at Milton Berle, George Burns. Look how long they lived.  Seeing the funny side of things keeps you alive.”

Laughter may cultivate optimism. With that in mind, especially since laughter is therapy for those who climb obstacles, I  will devote Fridays to laughter. You may find a joke, riddle, quote, book recommendation, or a cartoon to lighten your life.  This is my first installment.

Laugh – love LIFE!

How do radios greet each other?

                                                                                    A. With airwaves


Send me your jokes. I may publish them here, but they must be clean and contain no profanity. Let’s keep laughter a loud joke.