75 Questions: Day 46

Happiness depends on ourselves.” ~Aristotle

There are 75 days before the expectant start of a new Gregorian calendar year. So, for the next 29 days (Monday – Sunday) the blog postings will ask you one question. That question may inspire you, it may perplex you, it may anger you, or it may tickle you.  It’s about the real in you. The intent of the 75 questions is to probe, to prompt a reaction, to get you to stretch, to press beyond tradition or boundaries, to think broader, to break free, and then give a thoughtful answer to the question.

The overall intent of the 75 questions is to capture change. The questions are to be a catalyst for inner change that leaves you feeling more dynamic, happy, powerful, intrigued, and authentic. You are making history.

“It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
Sunshine she’s here, you can take away …
Because I’m happy”  Pharrell Williams

When these amazing emotions are opened up within you (they already exist), you change and your world changes and the whole world changes with you.

Question 46: How do you express happiness?

Happiness Heals Hearts

Daniel Skye has it right.  He just wants you to smile.

Happiness is about smiling, making your life better.  Happiness heals hearts.  When you are happy, your heart beats stronger and you have a little more pep in your step. You want to twirl, skip and share your smile.

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a renowned dentist, wrote this excerpt from a post for Dr. Oz:

“The smile is the window to the soul; it puts us at ease when we see people smile. Freely offered, no means of expression has the ability to make a complete stranger feel better or more compelled to return the favor. Smiles know no language barriers, no demarcations of race, gender, or class. It’s the one thing that is truly universal among humans. In any social interaction, professional or personal, people will intuitively gravitate towards those of us who smile.”

It’s true. Happiness portrayed  through a smile makes you feel better and by its intrinsic nature makes others feel better too.  In turn, your heart heals.  A happy life and a healthy heart go hand-in-hand.


Practice smiling this week, starting today.

Smile while you walk. Smile at work. Smile during dinner. Smile at school. Smile as you talk. Smile when you explore.  Smile at the market. Smile as you dance. Smile while you garden. Smile because you want to.

How do you feel when you smile?

Tell us your all about your smile experiences. What reaction do you get? Post how you felt when you smiled. Go out and smile.  Smile happy. Smile, heal your heart. Smile.


Smile from the heart



Kindess is Free

“Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men’s souls, and a beautiful image it is.”
~Blaise Pascal

What are some of the kind words you will use today?

I offer these words to you:

  • You are joyous
  • You are noble
  • You are powerful
  • You are loved!

Make someone smile with your kind words-thank you.

Tell yourself these words today.

Are You Awake?

Parents, especially on school days, ask their children are you awake? to rouse them early in the morning to get them up for school. The children should return the favor and ask the parent, Are YOU Awake?

Adults do so many rut things strictly out of habit, automatically doing the same thing without thought. That’s okay, right. But, what a probing question it is to ask yourself every morning, Are you awake?

“Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.” — Spanish Proverb

Wake up mind. Say: Mind, are you awake? Really, how awake is your mind? Are you alert, inquisitive, prepared, or are you sleepy and robotic when you start your morning?

Wake up your mind by going into quiet meditation, tagging mental exercises such as puzzles, making a task list, singing, or by physical action activities. Un-dull your senses, wake up mind.

Wake up body. Give your body a wake up call too. I had the chance to go out to Senior Citizen dance night at the mall near where I live. It was a joy to see elderly couples doing the swing or ballroom dances at their geriatric age.

Give your body an awakening jolt by being active. Dance, zumba, play bridge, lobby a few tennis balls, walk or job. Work up a sweat-wake up your body.

Wake up heart. Wake up your heart. Open yourself up to caring about yourself and others. Stimulate your emotional heart by saying loving words. Be positive, energetic, sincere as you awaken others to your peaceful heart.

Wake up life. Wake your senses. Live from all five-seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching. Discover what a sensory world we live in and play each waking moment as a “present” pre-sent just for you.

Singer, philanthropist, activist – John Legend has remixed “Wake Up Everybody” to remind us all that the “world won’t get any better if we just wait and see…we gotta change it…just you and me.”

Wake Up Everybody
Wake up everybody. It’s time to start a new day.
Be alive, be present, be awake!