Funny Friday

In celebration of my Mom’s eightieth birthday, I have a joke for you:

An elderly woman was beaming as she walked around the mall. Someone stopped and asked her what is the secret to her happiness.  She told her, today is my birthday and my children gave me a SUVsunflower seeds, unlimited talk card and vitamins.  They know me well; i love seeds, talking and staying healthy.


Claim you SUV and live out loud!

Happy funny, Friday.

All Year Resolutions

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All Year Resolutions have nothing to do with chronological time, but everything to do with living in the present.


Forget the calendar for a moment. Instead think with me about a span of time, that you get to choose, and make a strong resolution to change one thing in your life. You may decide that today, right now, is your best moment – and you are right! Or, you may select another time of the day or even another day – and you are right then too!  Whatever time you make a focused resolution to made a change in your life is the right time.

Oftentimes, especially at the close of one year and the beginning of the new year, frantic energy is concentrated upon making changes such as loosing weight, finding a new love, getting a better job, or acquiring material things. We design dream boards, make pledges, write new year resolutions, and join a gym and then by May guilt sets in because our resolve to complete the major resolutions faltered.

I suggest that you make all year resolutions which you set up with specific time frames and specific one goal focus. For example, you may decide on Ma 20th to begin reading one book on goal setting for one week. So, your resolution time frame for this goal is May 20-27th.

Next you may decide to exercise more. Thus, you may decide that your start date is April 21st, the start of a new season and you may choose to close out this goal on November 21st as another example. Your all year resolution in this case would be to start exercising more on April 21 through November 21.

You get the gist. The power point here is that you:
1. Control the time frame rather than be controlled by social standard
2. Fix a definite goal
3. Establish a defined time-line to begin and end your resolution
4. Begin and start your resolution activity as planned

A fifth power point is to write your goal and time frame down. Henriette Klausser in Write it Down and Make it Happen, posits that writing down your resolution goal and time frame is the single most important step to internalizing and achieving your goal.

Inculcate your resolution. Make it yours. Own it and the time frame in which you pledge to begin and stop that particular resolution and begin your all year resolutions any time you recognize its your time to change, do something different, and alter your attraction so that you complete in phased steps your intention.

Resolve. Realign. Respond. Rewrite. Results.

Build your success, one resolution – sorted out by you all year – at a time.



Nine Things For Which I Give Thanks

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving  Day, is a symbolic time to pause and count our blessings. In American culture, the day is a time of gathering. Friends, family, and others sit together around the table and eat a hot meal. In essence, everybody is happy and thankful for the blessings in their lives.

Even the homeless or women and children in shelters are showered with more gifts of thanks on Thanksgiving Day. The season of compassion begins anew and usually lasts until the New Year. Food, presents, and the joy of sharing become prominent during this time of the year.

  • I would be thankful if all across the globe this spirit of compassion would last all year. Let each person in their heart pledge to think about their fellow man, woman and child each and every day. Then, the overcrowded soup kitchen will have enough food and volunteers to serve hot meals to every person in need. Then, the shelters will have enough room to house those who face hardship or the world will see an eradication of the need for shelters for all will be safe and warm at night.
  • I am thankful for my neighbors. Just three days ago one neighbor became alarmed that I was in jeopardy and a whole group of them gathered and called the police to check that I was okay.  When I arrived back home, they all were so relieved that I was okay that one neighbor cried. That is agape love which should envelop us each and every day.
  • I give thanks for happiness. Joy is a part of me because of the multitude of blessings that are evident to me. We are all blessed – look for the good and release negative burdens. Be in-joy.
  • I am so grateful for words. Words elevate the soul and   I am thankful to be able to use words to uplift someone, to soothe a troubled mind, to encourage the talent that we all possess.
  • I offer thanks for peace. Let me be an instrument of peace, taken from the prayer  of St. Francis of Assisi. Each of us can let peace begin within and change the world into a more harmonious place. Dr. Wayne Dyer offers that the only requirement for this to happen is to set it as our intention – it is done.
  • Thank you to my family who are my friends for unending love.
  • Friends, I thank you. We have chosen each other to share all there is in life.
  • I honor the children, youth, and young adults who are in my life with gratitude. Your acceptance of my love for you keeps my heart beating so that we can experience another time of sharing. You ALL make me proud.
  • I am thankful for unity. As a Baha’i, I get to experience the richness of unity – the oneness of mankind.  This spirit of oneness captures all that thanks is: knowing there is one source of good, facing each person as a creation of God rather than from the differences of skin color, gender or culture, enjoying close relations with everyone, exploiting the good traits as a priceless treasure, working in one accord for the betterment of the world.

Thank you today, tomorrow, and every day. I give thanks.