Monday Miracle

Look around, see and feel your miracle today.  Although every day is filled with opportunities for growth, inner happiness,  intention, faith, and stronger life management it has been validated throughout time that when we focus our sight and feel the outcome of our needs and goals, a miracle happens.  So, the strength of the instruction for today is to start now – this Monday – to create and magnify miracles.

Some feedback I have been getting since posting a weekly exercise to manifest a Monday Miracle offer that the post does not take into account the presence of God in our lives. Consider this, God is omnipresent and omnipotent or the spirit of divine assistance, using whatever name you choose to ascribe or not, is as personal as your name and existence. You are uniquely you. This is an inviolable truth. None like you before your entry into this world and none exactly like you after you exit this world. Thus, your personal relationship with God or spirit can never be unwritten, so use whatever internal governor you need to propel your miracle, but allow this focused concentration exercise to amplify what is rightfully yours to manifest.

“Man is a growth by law, and not a creation by artifice, and cause and effect is as absolute and

undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things.”  ~James Allen

Think with absolute focus today, manifest your miracle.

Be you!

TODAY’S MANTRA: I am the director of my life. I create miracles.


Monday Miracle

Monday Miracle – everybody has one.

Take a look inside of yourself or around you, there you will uncloak a Monday Miracle. My Monday Miracle happened around 5:40 this morning. I awakened to the chirping of birds outside my window, singing with uplifted notes heralding a new day filled with the potential of mind, spirit, and action.

Everyday contains opportunities, some call them miracles, but I have decided to concentrate on Monday miracles since it is an active means of attracting new bounties.

I ask you to join me in creating intentional Monday miracles. Here is the suggested process:

1. Wake up (regardless of the time of the day) and meditate. Wake up and feel alive. Take 10 minutes. Really get down deep into your internal awareness and meditate on what you want. Recommendation: CD: Meditation-Be Still by Barbara Faison (
2. Come clean. Really clean up any lingering mess. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and disallow negativity.  Then take the time to refresh your inner happiness; tap into your passion and enjoy the moments where you were funny, joyful, spiritually uplifted, attuned, in your natural zone of expression.
3. Quiet down. Take a few minutes on Mondays to quiet external noise and allow yourself to experience quiet peace.
4. Clear Your Focus. Clearly, vividly, expressly focus on ONE thing and only ONE thing every Monday. The next Monday you may choose to shift your focus to another thing or remain focused on what miracle you want to manifest.
5. See the end. See your finish point. Be in the scenery and experience all of the expressions that accompany embracing your Monday Miracle.

This process may require some practice for those who are beginning to Manifest on Mondays, but in a short time, with direct commitment, you will accelerate through these steps with ease and purpose.

Begin today…right now.
Manifest your Monday right now and let us know the result….Be well, be clear, and expect miracles.

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