Monday Miracle: Love

What your world needs now is “love.” As you go through life and experience events that become teachable moments, always insert love. You don’t need another mountain to climb or vast rivers to cross, you need love. If you really want to live, prosper and ground yourself each and every day-embrace love.

Envelop yourself with love.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” ~Lucille Ball

Repeat after me: I love ME! Say it again-I LOVE me. Louder now: I LOVE ME!

Once you have that inner knowing-I LOVE ME-regardless of vicissitudes, in spite of doubt, that transcends momentary anguish, you are personalizing miracles.  When you are entrenched in the space of love, life happens. Happiness happens. Unspeakable joy happens. Your world of manifesting everything you want happens. Gratitude happens. Life happens. You, in authenticity, happen.


The strongest teacher you can be is to radiate love. Love that is unconditional, blameless, guiltless is miraculous. Love in your world and love in you is the beacon of light that you can beam out to everyone, not for just some one special but especially for everyone. Live love, give love, teach love.

Chinese New Year: Water Dragon

This Monday is especially potent in that it is the opening of the Chinese New Year (Chun Jie / 春节 2012) -the year of the Water Dragon- according to the Chinese lunar calendar.  The essence of the symmetry of the numerical sequence 1,2,3 on this day that marks the lunar beginning of newness   portends for clarifying transformation that can bring order. This order offers a unique time for higher spirituality and evidences of things hoped for in your life.

Chinese Dragon Banner

The water dragon is the only mythical animal in Chinese astrology. It represents strength, vitality and protection; it is known for making dreams come true and according to Feng Shui experts it’s natural element is Wood, which represents action and innovation. For these reasons alone this Monday is powerful, but there is more.  2012 is a Water year, a period of personal growth and deep intuition and conscious wisdom.

This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities.  Together, this means that 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, which means transformation will be paramount this year.

Here are five tips to maintain focused action and inspire dynamic energy:

  1. Review your life/goal list.  Write out multiple copies and keep them in prominent places all around your surroundings as a reminder of your intentions in 2012.  If you have not written a goal list or life list for yourself, stop right now and write a few active steps you will take to transform your life in 2012.
  2. Practice silence daily.  Spend a few minutes every day in silent contemplation.  Use this time to “hear and listen.” Make no requests, just tune in to the silence.  Acquiesce, feel the wholeness of gratitude in this space of silent mindfulness.
  3. Create a focus ritual.  During the bounty of these water dragon days, focus.  Energize your deepest desires with a focus ritual. Your ritual may be to repeat out loud your life/goal list.  Or, you may create a mantra that you repeat often to remind you of your intended destiny.  Be creative and excited about all that is coming your way this year. If you have a vision board, pause and look at it everyday. Integrate a radiant joy into your ritual, exude excitement for each expectation.
  4. Clear clutter.  This is the year for order, clear away distraction and debris that clog your life. Right now is the time to release and be free; this is the time to clear open pathways to receive exactly what you desire and need in your life.  Clean up sordid relationships, get organized, make clear mind moves that remove worry, doubt, fear, and dust away anything in your physical environment (home, office, or outside) that could impede the rhythmic flow of pure joy and potentiality.
  5. Face your truth.  Eliminate any negative chi now. Refuse to carry along danger, despair, or darkness from the past.  Face the truth of any lesson and accept the message and move on to a lighter happier inner peace.  Chinese experts warn that dark secrets will be exposed during this year if you refuse to relinquish them by letting them go. Face your truth first about your self and your inner being and practice compassionate honesty with others.  Live in absolute truth and honor.

Live in wonder, be in awe, appreciate each moment and allow the creative space the experience and share the electricity of being.

Miracle Monday: Quiet

A miracle will happen today! What a fabulous declaration for Monday.

It is true that you can reach any goal with the proper perspective.  One grounding exercise is to be quiet-really quiet in the mind and mouth.

My request today, especially after the possible frenzy from holiday travel, gatherings or shopping last week, open this week with some quiet mindfulness.  Pause for a moment, right where you are and do a mental examination of various aspects of your life and determine whether you are satisfied with them. For example, you may think about finances during this time. If so, examine how you feel about money and how you manage money right now. Or, you may need to think longer about a family relationship. Consider the dynamics of the interactions you have with that particular person.  It does not matter what you spend your quiet time on, simply quietly think.

Now that you have spent the requisite quiet time with mindfulness and you know what you intend to improve, next take a sheet of paper and begin jotting notes about the ideal circumstances you would like to create whether it’s with money, family relationships or some other aspect of your life. Creatively write, as offered by Julie Cameron. As you write, without censure, tap into your core of pure genius, and let perfect solutions flow onto the page.

Quiet mindfulness allows you to co-create through the purity of divine intention the most solid, revealing solutions. The barriers that tend to block your flow of manifesting a miracle often comes from your learned response to control or force solutions that ends up creating more blockages in our lives. Release your mind, let go of your thoughts of control, and open yourself to the flowing fonts of inner governance.

“In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.”

~Robert Heinlein

Relax and open your mind to creative inspiration and you will euphorically discover that creating inspiring details of what you want becomes a simple and effortless process. You can manifest a miracle simply by first knowing in clear detail the circumstances you intend to create and then inviting the perfect solutions to materialize. What you then attract is a powerful intention that operates on your behalf to give you what you want or something better.

Bob Proctor always asks: What do you want?

When you can clearly answer that question, believe me, your circumstances will then shift, and eventually match the inner intentions you hold  for your life, be it money, relationships, family, weight or anything else.

Today, quietly make your miracle.