Fantastic Friday: Thank You 2011

As we close out 2011 and prepare for making 2012 fantastic, fabulous and focused, let me say thank you for each day and experience of the days in 2011. (NOTE: You don’t want to miss my first post for 2012-Miracle Monday: Where is Your Chi (Energy). Find the source of your energy.)

Thank you 2011!

Thank you, each of you, who raised a roof after a tornado or violent storm. Thank you for being a care giver. Thank you for smiling. Thank you for dancing. Thank you for spending quiet time reflecting. Thank you to all the mentors. Thank you teachers, principals, administration workers, school boards who create learning environments children. Thank you hospital staff, doctors, nurses, technicians, attendants, aides, cleaners who keep us well. Thank you government leaders, assistants, community advocates, courtroom judges, stenographers, attorneys, legal aides who protect the constitution. Thank you military personnel, military families, officials, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, department heads, Chiefs of Staff who defend our nation.

Thank You 2011

Thank you women, children and men to stood up for justice. Thank you every volunteer who fed the hungry. Thank you Junior League Atlanta for being a force of women leaders who rock babies, read to children, create art at Ronald McDonald House, expose sex trafficking and exploitation of girls, read for the blind on GARRS radio, beautify shelters, create meals for Kids in the Kitchen, who share your hearts everywhere. Thank you friends and family who gave with agape love.  Thank you radio and television hosts who uplift hearts and souls. Thank you counselors who give without recognition. Thank you therapist who help mend. Thank you artists for sharing perspectives of beauty.

Thank you earth for supplying our needs. Thank you farmers who grow crops. Thank you pets for trusting with your hearts. Thank you elders who give wisdom and grace. Thank you mothers and fathers for protecting the treasure of life that you created. Thank you sisters and brothers who bring out the best in each others.  Thank you 2011!

Thank you ALL.




Miracle Monday

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
~Harriet Tubman

You have within you the strength, patience and passion to change the world today.  Miracle Monday, or any day, is your opportunity to see a difference in not only your world, but to manifest a miracle that, by extension, changes the world.  You have that much power within your mind and soul.

Let’s put into practice manifesting a miracle.

1. Wake up (regardless of the time of the day) and meditate. Wake up and feel alive. Take 10 minutes. Really get down deep into your internal awareness and meditate on what you want. Recommendation: CDBeyond the Wall – Mark Romero (
2. Come clean. Clean up any lingering mess, forgo anger or any other distress. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and disallow negativity.  Then take the time to refresh your inner happiness; tap into your passion and enjoy the moments where you were funny, joyful, spiritually uplifted, attuned, in your natural zone of expression.
3. Quiet down. Take a few minutes on Mondays to quiet external noise and allow yourself to experience quiet peace.
4. Clear Your Focus. Clearly, vividly, expressly focus on ONE thing and only ONE thing every Monday. The next Monday you may choose to shift your focus to another thing or remain focused on what miracle you want to manifest.
5. See the end. See your finish point. Be in the scenery and experience all of the expressions that accompany embracing your Monday Miracle.

This process may require some practice for those who are beginning to Manifest on Mondays, but in a short time, with direct commitment, you will accelerate through these steps with ease and purpose.

Begin today…right now.
Manifest your Monday right now and let us know the result….Be well, be clear, and expect miracles.


Femininity is Back

Femininity is Back – I am woman!

Femininity is more than the dress or skirt that ladies wear. It is more than the glamour she exudes. Female allure is more than hairstyle or body size. It is smartness which balances the inner and outward harmony.

Women spirit is dynamic energy that signifies grace, compassion, and confidence. I thank Michelle Obama for who she is…a strong, confident, intelligent, self-assured, mother-wife who understands balance. I love a woman who claims her style and pays for it from her own budget of inner assurance. This type of woman can look you in the eye as she stands tall with grace.

Mrs. Obama is feminine. She has shifted the hard lines of feminism. First Lady elects to “stand by her man” and offers no apology for it. This is good news, actually great news. The emancipation which she represents is refreshing to women, and the men who support their women. This liberation frees ladies who are challenged by her social identity, who are manipulated by professional dictum that rewards “hardness” rather than our innate compassion, or are stressed trying to multi-task (as a parent, child of elderly parents, girlfriend, wife, earner) in a competitive world.

Ladies, we can have it all. We can love and stand by our man in public now. It is refreshing to me that I can be vulnerable, stand beside him, expect protection, and leave identities that no longer work for me and still feel whole. I don’t want to change my flat tire, even though I can. I don’t want to “catfight” with women, instead I want to encourage her and support her needs fully aware of our commonality. I don’t want to live my life as a single woman, even though I am more than capable of taking care of myself.

Michelle Obama made all of this alright for me. I recently read, The Ring Formula by psychologist Dr. Alduan Tart where he says that men are looking for women with old-fashioned values and a smart mind. This book infuriated me at first, but when I put my emotions and social conditioning aside, I could actually accept some of Dr. Tart’s premises. On a very basic level, I had to admit that I was subservient to my former husband most of the time and I enjoyed that. I too have to acknowledge the passionate marriage of my parents, especially during the time of my Dad’s illness, where my Mom who is a leader and brilliant in her own right, always consult her husband before making home decisions. I saw her stand by her man for 56 years of sickness and health all through to the time of his death.

Julie Rainbow, author of Standing the Test of Time, interviewed African American couples who had been married for more than fifty years and found a “Michelle Obama” like devotion in all of these couples in spite of infidelity or other catastrophic family trouble as fundamental to the longevity of their marriage. Some of the ladies who were interviewed earned their doctorate degree, became Vice Presidents in their profession, were homemakers, educators, or business owners but were feminine at home.

I know that we are one of the two wings of a bird symbolizing the beauty, symmetry, and balance required to fly. Women, who are feminine, soar!

Femininity is vogue. Let’s do our part to keep it fashionable for the good of humankind.