75 Questions: Day 63

When the self-inquiry questions began, 75  days ago, which then was the exact number of days before the opening of New Year 2017, according to the Gregorian calendar. Now there are 12 days until New Year (Monday – Sunday). As is customary, the remaining blog postings will ask you just one question. That question may inspire you, it may perplex you, it may anger you, it may be the catalyst for indelible change, or it may even tickle you. Each question could open a search for stronger awareness.

The intent of all 75 questions is to probe, to prompt a reaction, to get you to stretch, to press beyond tradition or boundaries, to think broader, to break free, to face the fear, or liberate you by confirming what you already know for sure. You are only asked to respond each day with a thoughtful answer to the question.

Each question, ultimately, is to give you the meditative inner clarity to recover how to love yourself which expands and then allows you to love and share love for others. Life is about people.

These 75 question can precipitate change. The question is to be a inquiry into pathways of inner change that leaves you feeling more aware, safe, in control, powerful, intrigued, and authentic. You are full of wonder.

When these amazing emotions are opened up within you (they already exist), you change and your world changes and the whole world changes with you.

Question 63: Wonderful is _____________?

Miracle Monday: Expectation

It’s Monday and I am expecting bounteous goodness today. Are you?

Well, let’s look at what you are doing right that matches your expectation(s).  A few posts ago we did five mental exercises, go and review if you need a refresher or if you are a new reader. Consistently through each exercise we spent time specifying exactly what we wanted or expected to happen in our lives.  It’s time to re-check the strength (the right choices that you make) of our expectation mentality; it’s time to manifest a miracle.

“I try to do the right thing at the right time.

They may just be little things, but usually they make the difference between winning and losing. ”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jabbar and other winners know this is the formula for manifesting – everyday.

Formula: Intentionally do right things, make right choices, think right all the time.

Definitely then you are a winner. Definitely then you can and will manifest exactly what you expect or something better.

Be right, do right, get right. Exactly! This is your inalienable birth right, right?

‘Tis the Season

We are already being bombarded by commercials and ad solicitations that could entice us to buy…tis the season. But, the operative word in the sentence above is COULD.

You control your choices. Yes, you could buy and spend or you could save and create memories without accumulating more things and debt. The choice and the outcome is up to you.

Here’s a seasonal suggestion:
*Spend some time alone. Reflect on the power of you. Really get in tune with your recessed greatness and then build upon that awareness as your seasonal starting point for powerful lasting change.

Seasons arrive in symmetry for a reason. Take this season to reason out who you really are. Tap into your passion and go out and live from that passion born of the season.

For example, if you enjoy music-say for instance country music, then that may be a latent passion of yours. Instead of just listening to country music this season, go a little deeper and may be write a short country music song. You may want to copyright the lyrics you have penned and shop them for publication and eventual performance by a country music artist or yourself even. Or, you just may want to keep your lyrical musings private in your own collection.

The main point here is to activate your passion with ACTION! Do something that you love. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in the Power of Intention, writes that “Whatever you intend to create in your life involves generating the same life-giving active quality that brings everything into existence.”
Bring your passion into existence this season,

Material things just don’t satisfy long-term. But, soul-born passions endure until infinity. Live beyond tomorrow.