Follow Your Bliss

I found this website, serendipitously while researching  Yoga for an article I am writing, and just had to share it with you:

Go to this website and use the interactive compass tool to rate your level of bliss. I did it and my results affirmed my inner “bliss” but clued me in to an unclear professional “bliss” whenever I spun the wheel while concentrating on my work. I pledge to work on that until my bliss is congruent both inner and professionally.

Try the Follow Your Bliss compass for yourself.

The stream of consciousness connected with “follow your bliss,” writes author and lecturer Joseph Campbell, can be startling or affirming. Take the time to “identify your bliss and honor it” advises the bliss compass author Craig Conley.

Let me know how this worked for you. I found that I rank high on the bliss scale – good news!
Let’s honor our bliss together.

Be well. Be in joy. Be happy.