Miracle Monday: Encouragement

We all need a pat on the back sometimes.  Let me enthusiastically send each of you a virtual “pat” of love.

I have been hearing from many that these past few months have been trying emotionally. “It seems as if I do nothings right,” or “Why is my life not working right now?” or “What can I do to solve my money issues?” The answer is the same, stay encouraged and full of faith. In every obstacle there is a challenge, but these is also, more importantly, an inner lesson to learn. These teachable moments come at the right time to educate you…they are not for anyone else but you.

You can pass the test, stay encouraged. My “daughter” Jenna attended  the O YOU event, put on by Oprah Winfrey in Atlanta Saturday and they said the same thing I am saying to you. Stay encouraged – keep a joyful attitude.  Be still, find your inner and outer sources of strength.  One compelling way to give yourself a pat on the back is to pause and meditate on one or two things that are good in your life right now.

Why don’t you do that with me, or whenever you can today. Stop everything for five minutes, pause and stop. Next, sit in a relaxing pose and close your eyes. Some have soft music playing at this time or others have nature sounds in the background or you may have a favorite CD of mantras to use that augments your meditation/pat on the back time. I can do this with or without either, depending on my need or the situation at the time.  Just sit and relax and clear your mind.

The twist today is that I want you to think of one or two things that are good in your life right now…feel the feelings – think on only the good in your life TODAY. Feel deeply and with appreciation the good…yes, the good. Then, open your eyes and carry the feelings with you throughout the day.

Tell me how you feel after this meditation of encouragement. Let me hear back from you please.

Be encouraged, you are good and your life is good.

Miracle Monday: Potential

Have you thought about your potential?

Have you been told you’ve got potential? Well I have. My evaluator at a Toastmasters meeting at my Club, Dawn-Breakers, gave me that feedback after I finished my Ice Breaker speech. Those words made an indelible impact in my life. To shorten the story, hearing “You’ve got potential” as a speaker changed the course of my destiny. Because of my passion for words and a desire to encourage others, hearing someone assert that I had potential was the fuel I needed to jet into a different world.

You have got potential! Internalize those words on this Miracle Monday.

You’ve got potential! Say these words out loud to yourself and feel the boost you get from honoring the fact that you have potential.

YOU HAVE POTENTIAL! Write that down. Write at the top of the page, I have potential then list all of the areas, which I feel are unlimited, in which you have potential.

Now make it a Miracle Monday by looking at your expansive list and find one or two things that you have the strongest potential and then take that germinating potential and do something in that area. If it is to paint, paint something today. If it is to garden, go outside and play in the dirt today. If your potential (talent) is in fund-raising or sales, do that. You have this time TODAY to work on your latent potential. It was always there, now DO something about it.

There is nothing to lose here, just act. Act as if…act with freedom and abandon. Act without worry or concern about tomorrow, live and manifest your potential in magnificent power right now.  Be creative.  Think: I have no doubts, I have no regret…just be mindful of your mighty potential now.  Live your bliss, be in pure joy, deepen your inner happiness-recall this truth often, “You’ve got potential.”

Potentiality is your intrinsic right.

Your Miracle Monday is filled with potential. Seek your potential this Monday, live rightfully in your power, manifest your gifts.

You are a miracle, magnify your potential!

I am a Toastmaster

You may not esteem the value of my title declaration, I am a Toastmaster, unless

  1. you are either a member or previous member of Toastmasters International,
  2. know a Toastmaster or
  3. have a phobia about speaking in front of audience

I am a Toastmaster. More specifically, I am a proud member of Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters Club (www.dawnbreakerstm.com) in Decatur, GA. This Club hosted its Sweet 16th Annual Awards Banquet this past Saturday and it was stupendously spectacular.

The featured speaker was Mark L. Brown, World Champion Speaker 1995. He was introduced by Dwayne G. Smith, World Champion Speaker 2002 (a member of Dawn-Breakers) and the emcee for the Banquet was Theresa Spralling, immediate past District 14 Governor. Roy Ganga, current District 14 (Georgia) Governor attended and awarded three DTM ribbons and plaques to the newly installed DTM’s of the Club. Now Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters has 14 DTM members. Awesome!

Mark L. Brown told us all to be a star – one who Starts, has Tenacity, carries a positive, unstoppable Attitude, who Reaches up to stretch to achieve more and reaches down to pull up someone below. He spoke with such eloquence and excellence as he delivered a spirit-filled powerful inspiring message of new starts and change that was just what the audience needed.   Mark Brown is a star!

Al Wiseman, DTM gave a hilarious roast of member Les Young during the banquet. Al is the author of Finding the Funny (www.alfredwiseman.com). You will soon see video clips of Al Wiseman’s clean, family humor online. In fact, I will attend this next speech event at Northlake Toastmasters Club on Wednesday, 15 December at 6PM.  Find your funny and laugh out loud!

Toastmasters is about speaking yes. But you also learn how to listen and lead.

Join Toastmasters this year to fast-forward your achievement table in 2011, be a part of self-change.