Tuesday Thought: Security

How secure are you?

This question may prompt you to think about what goes on in your mind. You may think “I am an idiot” after you make a mistake or you may hold grudges that indulge self-pity. Conversely, you may find it easy to celebrate success, yours or someone else’s. You may also readily accept responsibility for a mistake and use it to deepen your learning. The differences between the two sets of thought actions indicate your level of inner security.

“Mind is the master power that molds and makes and man is mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought, and, shaping what he wills brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills. He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass. Environment is but his looking glass.”  ~James Allen

Who do you think you are?

Take a few minutes to reflect on this life pivot question. The value and esteem with which you honestly answer the question can track you to some hidden issues of debasement. Try this exercise:

I am _____________, _____________. __________ and I ____________. My life environment is _______________ and I enjoy _____________ of things about the manner that I live. My motto is _______________________________________________________________ and I take time to _________________ ___________, ______________, _________________ everyday.

Be Secure

Be Secure

NEXT: Write an affirmation for yourself (repeat this throughout the day)

LAST: How do you feel now that you have completed the three parts of this exercise?

Are you feeling more secure? Let us know what transformations occurred. Unlock your security, tell your story.

Write Your Success

There are as many pathways to success as there are people who dream of a better life, a better world.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Weiss/Corbis)

Success is a personal statement that one writes for his or her own life.   Only you can write your success statement, why not begin viewing success the write way?

Writing is one common denominator among those who share the prize of success. Successful people write. Documenting your thoughts and feelings helps you to bring them into a focus point so that you can execute them. Henriette Klauser in Write It Down, Make It Happen proposes writing to activate the RAS (Reticular Activation System) in your brain , the brain control center which sorts and evaluates data.

Writing about your success activates the RAS in your brain stem. Everybody has a RAS, actively use yours by writing your goals to target success.  RAS activation does not require convoluted contortions or regimented procedures. Writing for success should be simple, liberating.

Steps to Success Writing

  • Freeform, free flow.  Let your ideas germinate, let your mind flow. Just ramble. Write whatever thoughts come to mind.  Just doddle along. Otherwise, you may write about a specific situation or problem but don’t try to limit what comes to mind. At this point you are not looking for a solution, you are problem-solving in the abstract.
  • Make a list. Put on paper a column of what could or could not happen. Pros and cons – nothing more. Write your list to exhaustion, think of possibilities and probabilities or other options and then dig deeper to think of more. Written lists are an extremely useful problem-solving tool. Write your list, resolve the dilemma.
  • Write for an ending.  Success writing can bring closure. Whether you doddle, sketch or write longhand, you are writing to stretch your imagination. Take yourself to that often buried outcome that you have sequestered, usually due to fear that it is too daunting, improbable, and write the ending. Make your goal, no matter how deeply recessed, personal and alive by writing about it and what the achievement end will be.
  • Generate confidence. Success writing does not depend upon brawn or brain. What you are authoring as the coveted writer is for you. At this point you are acknowledging the premise and promise of your ideas; you are beginning to believe with assured confidence that success according to your connotation is not optional. When you write, you generate what it takes to make things happen.

The act of writing, instead of brain volleyball, is powerful. Committing your ideas to paper supersedes thinking or even talking about them. Writing documents what’s in your psyche and pushes you toward outward success that only you can imprint.

Solve problems, organize your thoughts, and document your goals using pen and paper. Write to resolve fears, build confidence, deal with grief, or sort out solutions. Whatever, just write.

Writing is cathartic; words on paper can guide your success.

3 Happiness Helpers

Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. ~ Marianne Williamson

Happiness is synonymous with joy.  Having an inner exuberance is a definite happiness helper.  Life happens, so sometimes there may be moments that it is more difficult to recognize “good” in your life. That’s okay, there is still a reservoir of internal happiness for you to dip into that will quickly restore your joy. Then there may be times it takes more effort and longer lapses before you can return to your inner pool of happiness, this is okay too. But, if you find that you are feeling that your happiness is waning to a distant point and you are staying away from feeling the “good” for more and more days, it is time for intervention. Your intervention may mean that you talk with your doctor about the longer days of feeling blue or it may mean getting help in other forms.

Get over the what if happiness destroyers: what if I had done X, what if I had said Y, what if I had gone Z—what if you are happy and at rest with joy for being who you are? What if that!

You can be happy. You should be happy.  Be happy. Use these 3 happiness helps to fill up your joy pool and dip in it often:

  1. Know truth, rather than worry about vain imaginings.  I agree with Epictetus.  He said,”Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen.” Your opinion can instantly shift from worry to happiness when you acknowledge the truth. Rather than speculate or ruminate over distresses, work on validating the truth that measures your joy.  It is not the event that is causing your pain, it is your projected, often wrong, opinion that creates the scaring. Be truthful with yourself first and then take appropriate active steps to remedy a misstep if that moves you back to your joy reservoir.  Look for evidence of joy, it’s there. Joy surrounds you.
  2. Restore positive beliefs. Many times our beliefs get distorted by adopting the perspectives of other people. But, the pivotal question for inner joy is to ask: What do I believe? This happiness helper requires you to state what you know to be true.  When you find yourself doubting or pooling in negativity, pause right then and examine what you are thinking.  Challenge the accuracy of your less than positive mental conversation and restructure those mental moments with honest positive belief.  This world is not crumbling, you are a part of the axis of its positive spin.
  3. Float, let  negativity pass you by.  Wave off scorn, snub gossip, draw away from criticism, move beyond damaging thoughts.  You have too much joy to allow negativity to attach to your mind and heart.  This happiness helper gives you the social and mental spirit of discernment; you know with an inner instinct that this does not agree with who you are and the happiness you feel and spread to others.  Shun negativity, keep your happiness glasses on. Be happy.

You control your happiness. Bathe in the secret of inner happiness that covers all things. Be mindful of your birthright, you were born to live as a joyful and happy being.


The Depression Cure: The Six Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs, Stephen S. Ilardi

Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!, Anita Jefferson

Be Happy! – How to Stop Negative Thinking, Start Focusing on the Positive, and Create Your Happiness Mindset, Nichole  Fisher

Emotional Exercise 3

Strength can only be developed by practice and effort. Emotional Exercise strengthens the mental  power vital to success.


By now you have completed Emotional Exercise 1 and Emotional Exercise 2. Congratulations-you have undertaken two mental power components that strengthen your purpose vitality.  It will be helpful, as we proceed to Emotional Exercise 3, to review both exercises again. Remind yourself of WHAT you want and WHY these wants are important/valuable to you.  The emotional linkage of the two is vital to conquering doubt and fear.  Reminder: re-reading or even re-doing either or both is perfectly fine. I have done this exercise three times already and tested it twice out on a diverse population sample in advance of posting it to you. Repetition is good, practice and effort strengthens.

Emotional Exercise 3: 

  • Take a look at the ten things listed in the column below:  Write ALL ten down on a separate piece of paper.
  1. Job and money
  2. religion/spirituality
  3. good health
  4. friends
  5. family
  6. independence/ability to make your own decisions
  7. self-respect
  8. being a loving person/being loved
  9. freedom
  10. good life/social parties/entertainment
  • Now, take away four of those from the list above. Just cross them out on your sheet of paper.
  • Next, take away four more. Cross out four more from the list.
  • Take away ONE more from the list.
  • STOP and look at the one thing you have left from the list. Really pause and see the word you have kept from your list.  This word is what you value and hold most precious.  This is your ONE THING that is sacred, soul-touching, most valuable to you in the present.

Write the ONE THING you have left on a separate piece of paper or page in your journal.  This is important because that ONE THING is your mental governor, the thing that you will do anything to protect and hold secure in your life.

  • Ask yourself – write down the answer here – am I making decisions and living the life that proves that this ONE THING is my lifeline, my purpose? Am I living on purpose – protecting what I MOST value right now?

I know this part of Emotional Exercise 3  is difficult, hard to use an inner scope of thought to see and feel the ONE thing that you value and then probe into how you are living to protect that ONE thing.  But, strength only comes with practice and effort.  Take the effort of clearly comprehend this ONE point of your POWER and TRIUMPH.  Once you inculcate this, you become a strong fortress.  Don’t hold back-make the effort. Identify what you are doing, or not doing, to strengthen your ONE THING. Write it all down, study this question over and over again. Over and over again, probe and study this question until it becomes a legitimate, honest true concentration of who you are; until it becomes an unarguable purpose that is only for you and only made for you and can only be done by you.  

This is heavy stuff, but your mental freedom depends on the effort and practice of cleaning up the dross and defining in clear detail the ONE THING for you.

  • Write your ONE THING on multiple pieces of paper – post it notes, stickys, index cards,  poster stock, color paper.
  • Place your ONE THING everywhere. In the bath mirror, on exit doors, in your wallet, on the desk, in a photo frame, as wallpaper on your computer, in OneNote; see it often.

We will continue with Emotional Exercise 4 later in the week. For now, do Exercise 3 with fortitude and grace; see and concentrate on your purposed ONE THING.

Thank you for the trust and work you have done in Emotional Exercise 3 and for the tolerance you have exhibited to get you here. Know your ONE THING or work harder and with purposeful effort to get to know your one thing. Once this is crystallized and deeply ingested, you are on the precipice of lasting change.

I purpose you goodness, be well.

Miracle Monday

Just when you think it will never happen, your miracle comes!  What a liberating thought-to love and live with expectancy. Have hope, expect a miracle.

Something good is going to happen to you, especially for you, TODAY! Keep this declaration in your subconscious mind throughout the day each and every day.  This attitude of gracious acceptance with genuine gratitude for your miracle, whether large or small, elevates your consciousness and messages to the universe that you are ready. Ready to receive, ready to reciprocate, ready to live your purpose.

Each of us are born for a reason, that’s why we populate the earth; not to just breathe and take up space. Absolutely not, you have a sacred purpose. You have a one-of-a-kind imprint, a personal tattoo of purpose. You have an earthly assignment. So, on this Miracle Monday take time to reflect on your miracle mission.  Go back to the basic question WHY? Why am I here, why am I breathing, why am I a thinking, capable being, why was I created noble?

We all have a noble destiny…let me repeat that-we all have a noble destiny.

Pause and inculcate that truth – you have a noble destiny!

“Our destiny changes with our thoughts; we become what we wish to become, do

what we wish to do, when our habitual thoughts correspond with our desires.” ~Orison Swett Marden

If you are not connected – or need a reminder – with the inner awareness that you were created noble and have a destiny, let me suggest these simple connection steps.

  • Place your hand over your heart and say out loud – I am noble. I have a destiny.
  • Smile, see that sacred part of yourself deep within your being.
  • Feel the healing energy and peaceful vibrations from repeating again and again – I am noble. I have a destiny.
  • Trust the universe-trust yourself. Know, really have a solid, unshakable knowing, that you are noble and are on this earth to seek your destined place.
  • Write your declaration – I am noble and I have a destiny.  Then allow your feelings to be and write what you feel.
  • Create your miracle

You can create anything in your life, purposed for the highest good. All you have to do is pay close attention – and expect your purposed miracle.

Recommended Reading:  Quantum Consciousness, Stephen Wolinsky